Victorinox Voyager The Victorinox Voyager is a 91mm Swiss Army knife that extends the popular Climber model by adding 'Plus' scales and an electronic clock to the scales.

The Voyager Lite adds a white LED light and inline Phillips screwdriver to the Voyager.

These models were discontinued round about 2008, being replaced by the Travellers.

Name Disambiguation:
The Voyager should not be confused with the older 84mm Alox Voyageur.

Layer Tools

The Voyager Lite adds:

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


The Voyager comes with translucent charcoal (onyx) Cellidor scales. The Voyager Lite comes with translucent red textured Nylon scales.
The scales contain a digital display and a red and white Victorinox logo, which is a button to control the display.


Victorinox has had several models featuring time pieces. The Timekeeper was Victorinox's first model to contain a clock, which was an analogue clock mounted on one scale. There was also the Timekeeper Alarm model which had digital timer functions like the Voyager, but a different toolset.

The Voyager was available between approximately 2001 and 2008, although is still available occasionally (2016) probably from old stock.
The Voyager Lite was sometimes packaged in a multicolored model specific branded box.

All models were ultimately replaced by the Traveller models which have all the digital scale functions combined together in one unit.

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Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 20.3mm; Lite - 25mm
  • Weight: 88.1g; Lite - 109g


  • 1.3705.VT3: Voyager - Translucent onyx colored scales
  • 1.7905.VT: Voyager Lite - Translucent Red scales

  • 54958 - US Model Number: Voyager - Translucent onyx scales
  • 53968 - US Model Number: Voyager Lite - Translucent red/ruby scales with box packaging

Related Knives 

  • Timekeeper Alarm - No scissors, Lite, inline Phillips, eyeglass screwdriver or Plus scales, a Phillips screwdriver replaces the corkscrew
  • Travellers - Current models (2017) - Adds altimeter/thermometer/barometer
  • Altimeter - No light or In-line Phillips, barometric rather than horological features in the digital display
  • Climber - Omits the Plus scales and electronic tools in the scales, no lite, inline Phillips
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