Wenger Viking The Wenger Viking is a two-layer model featuring the standard toolset, but with a small blade as opposed to the more common Wenger nail-file. It is often used as an advertising imprint model for company marketing.

The Wenger Adirondack and the Serrated Adirondack adds a locking blade, with the same tools as the Viking.
The Hunter variation featured a rifle image on the scales.
A later version which featured toothpick and tweezers was listed as Classic 101.

The Wenger EVO S101 has the same toolset as the Viking, but features the newer style Evolution scales and a locking blade.
This model was also listed as Security/Sécurité 10.

See the Variations section for details.

Discontinued models but the S101 is available as Victorinox Delémont.

Layer Tools

Wegner EVO S101 (Security/Sécurité 10)
EVO S101 (Security/Sécurité 10)
Wenger Serrated  Adirondack  catalog page
Wenger Serrated Adirondack catalog page
Wenger Viking (Classic 101) with the keychain and black scales
Viking (Classic 101) with the keychain and black scales

Back Layer Tools

Scales Tools 

No scale tools normally.
The toothpick and tweezers are present in the later Adirondack version, and unnamed variation.
The earlier Adirondack featured only the tweezers.


Red synthetic are standard, black synthetic also available.
The EVO S101 has the newer Evolution style scales.
Older versions of the Adirondack feature a backpacker figure embossed on the front scale.


  • A Viking variation with the toothpick and tweezers, but without the locking blade also exists. This model was later listed as Classic 101.
  • Vikings also exist with and without the key-ring attachment (and chain).
  • The Hunter was a variation of the Viking with the same toolset, but featuring a Kentucky Rifle imprinted on the scales. It was available with or without the blade-lock. It came with the small chain on the keyring attachment loop.
  • In the 2005 catalogue this tool configuration is listed as the Security 10, but featuring a locking main plain blade, and initially only the tweezers. This naming is somewhat confusing at the '10' models usually feature the nail-file, not the small blade! Later this model was also equipped with the toothpick. It was eventually renamed to be the S101.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 85mm
  • Width: 21.9mm
  • Weight: 54.7g - Model with the toothpick, tweezers and the keychain


All models have standard red scales

  • 1.10.13: Viking; with toothpick and tweezers
  • 1.10.19: Viking; with toothpick and tweezers. Listed as the Classic 101
  • Viking; with toothpick and tweezers. Listed as the Classic 101 - New format model number
  • 1.10.65: Plain locking main blade; toothpick and tweezers
  • 1.10.69: Security 10 Plain locking main blade; later adds the toothpick

US Model Numbers:

  • 16938: Viking
  • 16482: Serrated blade Adirondack
  • 16982: Plain-blade Adirondack
  • 16942: Hunter variation
  • ??????: EVO S101 - Red Evolution scales with locking blade

Related Models

  • Canyon - A Phillips screwdriver replaces the corkscrew
  • Commander - A nail-file replaces the small blade


  • Odyssey - Equivalent SwissBuck model, without toothpick or tweezers


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