Victorinox Tool-Knife Tables

The lists below are incorporated into the appropriate tool page, for example see the Pliers page, using Tiki Wiki INCLUDE code.

Altimeter Tool

Models with the Altimeter Tool

Altimeter Tool End

Awl Tool

Models with the Awl

Awl Tool End

Barometer Tool

Models with the Barometer

Barometer Tool End

Can Opener Tool

Models with the Can-opener

Can Opener Tool End

Cap Lifter Tool

Models with the Cap-lifter

Cap Lifter Tool End

Chisel Tool

Models with the Chisel

Chisel Tool End

Clock Tool

Models with the Clock

Clock Tool End

Combo Tool

84/91mm Models with the Combo Tool

Combo Tool Tool End

Corkscrew Tool

Models with the Corkscrew

Corkscrew Tool End

Cyber bits Tool

Models with the Cyber bits

Cyber bits Tool End

Divot Tool Tool

Models with the Divot Tool

Divot Tool Tool End

Electrician Blade Tool

Models with the Electrician’s Blade

Electrician Blade Tool End

Fine Screwdriver Tool

Models with the Fine Screwdriver

Fine Screwdriver Tool End

Fish Scaler Tool

Models with the Fish Scaler

Fish Scaler Tool End

Flashlight Tool

Models with the Flashlight

Flashlight Tool End

Hook Tool

Models with the Hook

Hook Tool End

Keyring Tool

Models with the Keyring

Keyring Tool End

Large Blade Tool

Models with the Large Blade

Large Blade Tool End

Lighter Tool

Models with the Lighter

Lighter Tool End

Long Nail File Tool

Models with the Long Nail-File

Long Nail File Tool End

Magnifying Glass Tool

Models with the Magnifying Glass

Magnifying Glass Tool End

Metal Saw Tool

Models with the Metal Saw

Metal Saw Tool End

Mini-Screwdriver Tool

Models with the Mini-screwdriver

Mini-Screwdriver Tool End

Nail File Tool

Models with the Nail File

Nail File Tool End

Pen Tool

Models with the Pen

Pen Tool End

Pharmaceutical Spatula Tool

Models with the Pharmaceutical Spatula

Pharmaceutical Spatula Tool End

Phillips Screwdriver Tool

Models with the Phillips Screwdriver

Phillips Screwdriver Tool End

Pin Tool

Models with the Pin

Pin Tool End

Pliers Tool

Models with the Pliers

Pliers Tool End

Pruning Blade Tool

Models with the Pruning Blade

Pruning Blade Tool End

Scissors Tool

Models with the Scissors

Scissors Tool End

Serrated Blade Tool

Models with the Serrated Blade

Serrated Blade Tool End

Shackle Tool

Models with the Shackle Tool Shackle/Bail

Shackle Tool End

Small Blade Tool

Models with the Small Blade

Small Blade Tool End

Technician's Screwdriver Tool

Models with the Technician's Screwdriver

Technician's Screwdriver Tool End

Toothpick Tool

Models with the Toothpick

Toothpick Tool End

Tweezers Tool

Models with the Tweezers

Tweezers Tool End

Watch Tool

Models with the Watch

Watch Tool End

Watch Case Opener Tool

Models with the Watch Case Opener

Watch Case Opener Tool End

Wood Saw Tool

Models with the Wood Saw

Wood Saw Tool End

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