Victorinox Slim Flash

Victorinox 2011 Orange Alox SlimFlash USB drive in display packaging. The Slim Flash was Victorinox's fourth generation USB flash-drive data storage device, released in 2011.
The USB device in this model is significantly slimmer than the previous generation devices and it was featherweight at only 10 grams.
Different storage capacities were available.

The Slim Flash Duo, as the name suggests, contained two USB drives.

Discontinued models.

Layer Tools

USB device only - No regular tools


All versions had Alox scales, available in silver, blue, lime-green, orange, pink.
The bottom scale has VICTORINOX stamped into the engraving panel.


  • Scale colour options as described above
  • Storage options from 4Gb to 64Gb
  • The Slim Flash Duo variation contained two 64Gb USB drives

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 58mm
  • Width: 6.7mm
  • Weight: 10g (16GB model)

It was available in paper box or plastic retail packaging.


  • 4.6171.22Gnn: Blue
  • 4.6171.24Gnn: Green
  • 4.6171.25Gnn: Pink
  • 4.6171.26Gnn: Silver
  • 4.6171.28Gnn: Orange

The suffix (nn) in the model number denoted the memory size.

Related Models

  • Victorinox@work - The current (2020) USB model from Victorinox
  • Victorinox Flash - A previous generation USB flash-drive model from 2008
  • Secure - A model from 2010 featuring flash-drive technology and software with biometric identification

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