Victorinox Skipper Pro

Victorinox Skipper Pro The Skipper Pro is a another 111mm Victorinox nautical knife released in 2018 and featuring the same marine blue scales as the previously available Skipper. It introduced a brand new tool the Large Marlin Spike for marine use, and also features a liner-locking, partially-serrated one-hand opening main blade.

Layer Tools

Victorinox Skipper Pro
Skipper Pro and Large Marlin Spike
The Skipper and Skipper Pro
The Skipper and Skipper Pro

Back Layer Tools

The model is also supplied with an orange lanyard - See main picture

Scale Tools


Blue nylon with a printed compass rose emblem. Several promotional pictures show these scales with the compass rose missing.


This was a surprise announcement from Victorinox in 2018 and introduced a new, unique and unusual tool, the large marlin spike. The Skipper Pro is a sibling to the Skipper and depending upon the nautical needs of the user one or other model could be selected.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 111mm
  • Width: 24mm
  • Weight: 196g


  • 0.8503.2MW - Victorinox AN: Liner-lock, ¾ serrated OH blade, blue scales

Related Knives

  • Skipper - Different marlin spike; non OH-blade; same scales and lanyard; adds a pliers/in-line Phillips screwdriver layer and a corkscrew;

Victorinox 111mm liner-lock model comparison

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