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Victorinox Secure with blades (4.6026.TF). The Victorinox Secure is the company's 3rd generation USB Flash-Memory technology storage device which adds 256-bit AES encryption and biometric identification with an integrated finger print scanner to keep data secure. The USB device has many other software features, allowing biometric authentication to be used in place of passwords when logging into Microsoft Windows. Proprietary software also allows the AES hardware to be used to protect data on local hard disks as well as the Flash device.
The Secure is available in a Flight Version without any blades, or in an everyday version featuring all the additional tools found on the Signature-Lite. As with most USB Flash Drive Victorinox models, the Secure is really a series of tools with different storage capacities. This device is a very sophisticated USB device which utilises proprietary software to access all its functions.


Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Red Cellidor

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 58mm
  • Width: 19.2mm
  • Weight: 32.6g

Software Tools

Series Models 

  • 4GB
  • 8GB
  • 16GB
  • 32GB


Announced many times, but after several delays this model was released in Switzerland in the 1st quarter of 2010, and in North America in the second quarter. Marketing included a contest for 100K dollars if a hacker could break the security. The contest however was very controlled, and not really representative of something you might see at DefCon.
While AES-256 is known to be secure (providing the full standard is implemented), the security of the biometric device and other system factors is completely unknown. Several biometric authentication devices have been spoofed, and DMCA and national security issues mean there's a good chance you're not the only one that could get access to your data. Chances are that your neighbor, another office worker, or the cab driver that might get his hands on your device will not find it too easy to access the storage. No mention of a 'Call-Home' feature, which would be nice!
Victorinox has had several families of 58mm knives containing USB devives such as the Victorinox Flash. The current Victorinox 58mm models containing USB devices are the '...@Work' series, such as the Victorinox@Work

Withdrawal from Software Products 

The message below was reported to be sent by Victorinox to their customers in 2012. It appears that they are withdrawing from software products such as are found in the Secure. They are still (2017) making USB devices.
Dear customers,
Victorinox manufactures exceptional products since 1884. We are known worldwide for our quality products and excellent services.
The market for information products develops and grows dynamically. As a company we are facing major challenges with new platforms and with the different levels of software developments. It is our mission and our inner obligation to our customers to deliver the best service in this segment as well as good products and related software. The rapid development coupled with our standards of quality have prompted us to reconsider our offer. As an economic company, we are required to provide the necessary expenditures in reasonable proportion to the possible yield. For this reason we have decided to offer only pure knife products with appropriate hardware. For all software, we will refer to a third party. Further more, we will stop providing any future software updates and as of September 2012 we will cease all services in this segment. To this end we will discontinue our services to our web page http://secure.victorinox.com. Warning! The VeriSign software certificate for the secure.exe is only valid till 15th September 2012. We therefore strongly recommend that you create a data backup immediately.
Victorinox will continue to bring USB storage devices onto the market. These products are offered at market prices, with correspondingly good performance and a clear line. Existing products will be adapted and the savings gained by not using the special software, will enable us to provide a full service to our customers.
Your Victorinox Team

Editors Note: This information has not been confirmed.
Source: engadget: https://www.engadget.com/2012/08/21/victorinox-stops-software-updates-secure-usb-drives/


  • 5301SG16 - US Dealer Identifier - Ruby Secure Flight version
  • 4.6026.TF - Ruby Secure
  • 4.6076.TF - Ruby Secure Flight version

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