Victorinox RocKnives

Taken from US based Swiss Army Brand advertising material. The Victorinox RocKnives Series was introduced in late 1988.
The first RocKnife set were 74mm Ambassador models with real granite stone scales (handles). The series features six types of granite, each from a different country.
Later a second series of RocKnives was introduced based on the 58mm Bijou model (non-SD). (The Bijou is the keyring-less version of the Classic). The Bijou series features the same granite scales as the Ambassadors with one change for the Pantheon model.
The Rocknives were usually supplied in luxury 'jewelry-style' boxes. Also see the Bijou image links below.

Victorinox filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office on January 17th, 1989 to trademark the term RocKnife and was granted the US federal trademark on August 22nd, 1989.



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  • 0.6500.53: Blue St. Cross (Azul Santa Crux) - Brazil (5550)
  • 0.6500.54: Andeer Granite - Switzerland (5551)
  • 0.6500.55: Pantheon Granite - Italy (5552)
  • 0.6500.56: Rosa Betha - Sardinia (5553)
  • 0.6500.57: Bethel White - Canada (5554)
  • 0.6500.58: Baltic Brown - Russia (5555)

US Swiss Army Brands Inc. (SABI) model numbers in brackets

Ambassador: Pantheon Granite
Ambassador: Pantheon Granite


Click on the model number for an image of the knife


  • Lithos Series - Luxury 65mm models with gold and inlaid stone scales by Wenger


Dealer Advertising from 1988
Dealer Advertising from 1988
Bijou/Classic - Andeer Granite
Bijou/Classic - Andeer Granite
Bijou 58mm Family
Bijou - RocKnife Family

Ambassador - Rosa Betha, Sardinia
Ambassador - Rosa Betha
Ambassadors - Andeer Granite & Rosa Betha
Ambassadors - Andeer Granite & Rosa Betha

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