Victorinox Presentation Master

Victorinox Presentation Master The Victorinox Presentation Master and the Presentation Master Flight are 58mm Swiss Army Knives that incorporate a number of electronic tools for the contemporary business user.

As its name suggests, with its wireless controller it is well suited to helping with presentations (presumably enabling functions such as page forward and page back in Microsoft PowerPoint presentations). Its flash data storage device can store electronic documents, and keep them available and secure, due to its security features, should the device get lost or be temporarily misplaced.

The Flight  version removes the pen-blade, scissors, and nailfile tools, so there is no problem taking the device into an area with restrictions on blades, such as airline flights, or court rooms.


Layer Tools

System Requirements in English

Scale Tools


Transparent ruby Cellidor, laser button and warning on top scale, controller buttons on bottom scale.


First announced in 2009, worldwide availability was delayed until early 2011.
The Presentation Manager is now discontinued. The reasons for this could be that the USB device probably experienced software version problems similar to the Secure (see History section) and also the fact that lasers are restricted in some countries.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 58mm
  • Width: 16.75mm - Flight version
  • Weight: 19.5g - Flight version


  • 4.6028.TG: Ruby scales, Classic tools.
  • 4.6078.TG: Ruby scales, Flight version.

Related Models

  • Secure - No bluetooth controller; same generation USB storage device
  • Victorinox Flash - Older USB Flash-Memory device without presentation features
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