Victorinox Place to be Series

The Victorinox Place To Be Series CH knife The Victorinox Place To Be series is a set of Climber models available since at least 2014. The series has red translucent scales, imprinted with the names of cities and places (not only in Switzerland) where the Victorinox brand stores are located. The location name, and coordinates, are printed on the front scale of each knife, and there is an outline view of the skyline of the location on the reverse side.

The only exception is the Switzerland (CH or ‘Confoederatio Helvetica’ - Helvetic Confederation) knife which has solid red Cellidor scales. On the front scale of this model, the word Switzerland is printed, in many different languages, along with the names of some of Switzerland's major towns and cities on the reverse.

Each knife is only available in the city after which it is named, meaning the Zurich knife is only available in Zurich Victorinox shop, Brunnen in Brunnen and so on. The Switzerland (CH) knife is available in all of Swiss Victorinox stores, as well as in Swiss Victorinox online shop.

Scale Images

Place to be Series knives front scales
Front scales
Reverse scales
Reverse scales

Identifiers and Locations

Most of these models do not appear to have unique model numbers and are grouped together under the Climber 1.3703.95 model code

Models with Unique Codes:

  • 1.3703.E95 - Switzerland
  • 1.3703.95TE7 - Lausanne
  • 1.3703.TE17 - Ibach
  • 1.3703.TE18 - Shanghai
  • 1.3703.T-X2 - Los Angeles

Models with Unknown Model Codes:

1.3703.xxx ? - Could also be 1.3703.95s ?

  • Berlin
  • Lyon
  • Vienna
  • Wuerenlos

Models with 1.3703.95 Code:

  • Andermatt
  • Brunnen
  • Cologne
  • Geneva
  • London
  • Lucerne
  • Prague
  • Zurich
  • Zurich Airport

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External Resources

  • Tourist Series - A series showing famous locations in Switzerland and around the world
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