Victorinox National Flag Classic Series

Victorinox has produced a National Flag Series of Classic models that have a representation of a country's flag and its name on the top handle.
They come in a variety of colours, and some countries are available in more than one colour.

Flags in the Series:

Andorra Flag Classic Andorra (Black)
Victorinox National Flag Classic-Argentine----All national flag classics have a flag design diagonally across the front and the nation name straight across the bottom. I am unsure why this one has the country name of Argentine instead of Argentina the more commonly used name. Argentina
image donated from Karl S. SAK Collector Australia
National Flag Classic for Austria Austria
image donated from Karl S. SAK Collector Belgium
Brazil's flag on Victorinox Classic National Flag Series. Brazil
This is a Canada Flag Classic. Photo shows a new one. Canada
National Flag Classic for Chile Chile
Victorinox Flag Series - China China
This is a used Czech Republic National Flag Classic from Victorinox. Czech Republic
National Flag Classic for France France
image courtesy Victorinox Classic collector from Manchester
United Kingdom Gibraltar (Red)
from the National Flag Classic series Germany
Great Britain Victorinox National Flag Classic in blue. There is a red one also. Great Britain
Red Classic SD - Greece, this one has the "Victorinox Swiss Made Stainless" inscription and a stamped shield Greece
58mm Classic from the flag series, Greenland.

Photo by ColoSwiss Greenland
Hong Kong Classic. Picture by ColoSwiss. Hong Kong
National flag classic for Hungary Hungary
National Flag Classic for Iceland Iceland
Picture by classicrock. Indonesia
National Flag Classic for Ireland. Kind of a rough example but will replace if we get a better photo. Ireland
This is the Israeli Flag version of the National Flag Classic series. Israel
National Flag Classic for Italy Italy
This is the red Japan National Flag classic. Japan
National Flag Classic for Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
Mexico Victorinox National Flag Classic Mexico
The Netherlands National Flag Classic Series Netherlands
image courtesy Victorinox Classic collector from Manchester
United Kingdom New Zealand
Classic flag series, flag of Poland. Picture by ColoSwiss. Poland
image courtesy Victorinox Classic collector from Manchester
United Kingdom Portugal
Picture by archerwin. Romania
Russia Flag Classic Russia
Saudi Arabia
Picture by archerwin. Singapore
Slovenia Flag Slovenia
Victorinox Classic SD with South African flag South Africa
Picture by archerwin. South Korea
Victorinox National Flag Classic for Spain in Black. Spain
image courtesy Victorinox Classic collector from Manchester
United Kingdom Sweden
Switzerland National Flag Classic in Standard Red Switzerland
Taiwan Taiwan
Picture by ColoSwiss. Thailand
Victorinox Classic SD with national flag of Turkey.  **photo by: MTO member TurkTeen; image-processing for SAKwiki by ICFT. Turkey
United Arab Emirates
This is the blue USA National Flag classic. United States
National Flag classic for Venezuela Venezuela

National Flag Classics in Alternate Colours:

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