Victorinox Mountaineer Small

Model 235kmau from the 1960s.
Photo courtesy of Julius T. Verd The Victorinox Mountaineer - Small is an 84mm model with four tool layers, which features the metal file/saw. It is less common than its companion model the Huntsman Small which features the wood saw as opposed to the metal file/saw.


Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Red Cellidor


This is one of only three known 84mm models to contain the metal file/saw. See Related Models below.
Note: The 84mm metal saw/file has no nail nick and is opened by snagging the protruding tip of the tool (as with the modern wood saw).

Catalogue image
Catalogue image

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 84mm


  • 235kma(u): u is the 'with bail ' variation

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