Victorinox Mountaineer

Victorinox Mountaineer The Victorinox Mountaineer is a 4 layer 91mm model, and is one of the few models to include the metal saw/file without also including the wood saw.

The Mountaineer Lite adds a white LED Light and Inline-Phillips screwdriver to the Mountaineer.

The Lite model is discontinued.

Layer Tools

Mountaineer Lite
Mountaineer Lite
Mountaineer Lite with the Chisel
Mountaineer Lite with the Chisel

The Mountaineer Lite adds:

Back Layer Tools

The MountaineerLite adds:

Scale Tools

The MountaineerLite adds:


Mountaineer: Standard red synthetic
Mountaineer Lite: Sapphire blue translucent Cellidor.


  • There is no hook on pre-1991 versions.
  • Mountaineer available in no keyring variation. Was quite common early on.


The Mountaineer was not very popular in North America, as it seems the metal-file/saw is not a popular tool in the smaller knives.

The Mountaineer Lite was not released in North America, and is not too common elsewhere. Originally Victorinox catalog information, and image, indicated that this model included the Fine Screwdriver on the back, but it appears this information was in error as several Mountaineers purchased between 2008 and 2012 contain the Wood Chisel on the back, and some sites in Switzerland also reported this model as containing the Chisel.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width:
    Mountaineer: 20.5mm;
    Mountaineer Lite: 25mm
  • Weight:
    Mountaineer: 109.1g;
    Mountaineer Lite: 124.5g


  • 1.3742 Victorinox AN: Mountaineer: no-keyring, red Cellidor
  • 1.3743 Victorinox AN: Mountaineer: red Cellidor
  • 1.7945.T2 Victorinox AN: Mountaineer Lite: Translucent blue
  • 54821 Victorinox US: Mountaineer: red Cellidor

Related Knives 

  • Grand Prix - Earlier model: replaces corkscrew with Phillips in the Mountaineer
  • Clipper - Removes scissors from the Mountaineer
  • Huntsman and Huntsman Lite - Wood saw replaces the metal saw.
  • Trail Guide - Replaces small blade with combo-tool and removes opener-layer, no reamer
  • Expedition Lite - Adds wood saw, and electronic altimeter/barometer functions to the Mountaineer Lite
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