Victorinox Master Craftsman Small

84mm version of the Master Craftsman, Picture by GigaHz The Victorinox Master Craftsman - Small is a five-layer 84mm Swiss Army Knife with Cellidor scales.
It is the smallest model to contain both the metal file/saw as well as the wood saw.

Discontinued Model.

Layer Tools

Old Master Craftsman Catalogue Page - Showing the 'k'
Old Master Craftsman Catalogue Page - Showing the 'k'

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Red Cellidor


This model became available in the 1950s when it would have been known as a model 136kma, and also as 136kmaU, (when the bail was added), both prior to descriptive names being used by Victorinox. Hoffritz versions were produced into the mid-1970s.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 84mm


  • 136kma - Old style model number - the k='klein' which means 'small' in German!
  • 136kmaU - Adds the bail (the U!)
  • 136 - Hoffritz Master Craftsman - 1960s
  • 11037 - Hoffritz 'Explorer' - 1970s
  • 0.4xx3 - Modern number (0 for 84mm, 4 for Phillips, 3 for t&t, xx probably =76 - from 91mm MC!)

Related Models

  • Master Craftsman - The equivalent 91mm version - Removes the toothpick and tweezers - before the mid-1960s
  • Artisan - Removes the file and bail or keyring
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