Victorinox Hardwood Cheese Knife

Victorinox Hardwood Cheese Knife, 2013 US release. The Victorinox Hardwood Cheese Knife is a 3-layer 111mm liner-locking model, the second model/tool-configuration to include the Cheese Knife blade. It adds the 'opener' layer to the original Cheese Knife, and features hardwood scales.

It uses a slightly different liner locking design to the other 3-layer 111mm liner-lock models: The main-blade features a liner-lock, but located in an outside layer rather than the centre layer position established with the Trekker. This configuration allows the main-blade to have a lock, but the cap-lifter/screwdriver is non-locking.

It also includes the smaller/thinner (2mm wide) openers and the reamer with the sewing-eye, usually only found on slide-lock series models, making this knife a hybrid of the side and liner lock 111mm designs.

Limited Edition, unspecified production.

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Bubinga Hardwood with Victorinox shield logo engraved in the top scale.


In 2012 this special-edition wooden scaled Cheese-Knife featuring Bubinga hardwood scales, and a liner-locking main-blade was produced for the Victorinox flag-ship store in London, England. It was only available through the London store. Initial production was only 500 knives.

In December 2013 a US Edition was also introduced known as the Hardwood Cheese Knife. The model number indicates it was a limited or special-edition, no information on production quantities was available.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 111mm
  • Width: 17.2mm
  • Weight: 117g


  • 0.8301.69L12 Victorinox AN: Special Edition Bubinga 3-layer version for Victorinox London store.
  • 0.8301.69L12US2 Victorinox AN: used in US marketing for the Hardwood Cheese Knife, Bubinga Special Edition, the box was erroneously numbered 0.8301.69112US2, mistaking the L for a 1.

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  • Käsemesser - Removes the can-openner, cap-lifter, and reamer layer, adds toothpick, different scales
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