Victorinox Handyman

Handyman The Victorinox Handyman is a currently available (2019) six-layer 91mm Swiss Army knife with Cellidor scales, it has a large number of tools, including five on the back.

This model, like some others, has been available over a long time period and some earlier versions have various tool differences to the current version. The most significant being the pliers completely replacing the fish scaler in 1986 - See Tools and History below.

Name Disambiguation:
Not to be confused with the older, five-layer Handyman 7236mau - (Handwerker in German).

Layer Tools

Original Handyman with fish-scaler
Original Handyman with fish-scaler

Original Craftsman and Handyman showing back tool evolution
Original Craftsman and Handyman showing back tool evolution

Current Configuration

Original Version

As above but - The pliers are replaced by the

Back Layer Tools

Current Configuration

Original Version

As above but - No chisel or hook

Scale Tools


Red cellidor
White cellidor with astronaut inlay (I.N.O.X. Sky High version)


The Handyman was introduced in 1973, around the time the model number format changed, and model names were standardised by Victorinox.
Its original toolset (fish scaler not pliers, no chisel or hook, original fine screwdriver) was equivalent to the old six-layer Champion a (with the exception of the long nail-file), which had been semi-retired following the introduction of the seven-layer Champion in 1973.
The pliers were introduced in 1986, replacing the fish scaler.
Its evolution followed a very similar path to the Craftsman, with tools and tool versions changing as the Victorinox tools evolved. The Craftsman page outlines some of those differences.


The I.N.O.X. Sky High watch came in a gift box with a Handyman with white scales, astronaut inlay and white paracord keychain. Limited to 2,000 pieces worldwide.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 27.5mm; Original 24mm
  • Weight: 155.4g; Original 131g


  • 1.3773: Red Cellidor - Current configuration

US Model Numbers:

  • 53722: Red Cellidor - Current configuration
  • 5041: Red Cellidor- Original configuration - Swiss Army Brands (SABI) number

Related Models

  • Craftsman - Replaces the corkscrew with a Phillips driver
  • Ranger - Removes the pliers
  • Champion a - Equivalent tool set to the older/original version of the Handyman, but adding the long nail file
  • WorkChamp - A very similar toolset - But in 111mm format
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