Victorinox Flash

Victorinox Swiss Flash The Victorinox Flash was the second 58mm series of models from Victorinox to include a USB flash drive.
This series replaced the earlier SwissMemory series with larger capacities and a new flash drive design.
The series contained a number of different models, including bladeless Flight versions, all feature a second generation USB flash drive device.


Layer Tools

Non-Flight models:

Scale Tools

Non-Alox Cellidor models:

Models and Specifications

The storage capacity varied with the models.
The nominal length is 60mm including the USB keyring protrusion.

Bladed Models:

  • Flash
    • Base model
    • Width: 19.2mm; Weight: 33.6g
  • Laser Flash
    • A laser replaces the white LED light
  • Alox Flash
    • Ribbed Alox scales
    • No pen or LED light
    • Width: 13.12mm; Weight: 26.8g

Flight Models - No 'bladed' tools:

  • Flight Flash
    • Width: 16.1mm; Weight: 20.5g
  • Laser Flight Flash
    • A laser replaces the white LED light
    • Width: 16.35mm; Weight: 21g
  • Alox Flight Flash
    • Ribbed Alox scales
    • No pen or LED light
    • Width: 10.36mm; Weight: 13.22g


Transparent ruby Cellidor or silver ribbed Alox.


First introduced in 2008, the Flash series were descendants of the earlier SwissMemory series. This family was superseded by various later models.
The current Victorinox 58mm models containing USB devices are the '...@Work' series, such as the Victorinox@Work.

Related Models

  • SwissMemory - The Original USB flash drive series, very similar functionality
  • Secure - Later 2010 USB flash drive models with biometric authentication and encryption for security
  • Slim Flash - Later still (2011) slimmer USB flash drive models with encryption option
  • Victorinox@Work - The current (2020) version with a USB device and the Signature toolset
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