Victorinox Flash

Victorinox Swiss Flash The Victorinox Flash is the second series of knives from Victorinox to include a USB Flash Drive in a 58mm sized knife. This series replaced the earlier SwissMemory series with larger capacities and a new Flash Drive design.
The Victorinox Flash series contains a number of different models, all feature the 2nd generation USB Flash Drive device.


Layer Tools

Scale Tools


  1. Victorinox Flash
    • Base Model
    • Width: 19.2mm, Weight: 33.6g
  2. Victorinox Flash Flight
    • No blade tools
    • Width: 16.1mm, Weight: 20.5g
  3. Victorinox Flash Laser
    • Laser replaces White LED Light
  4. Victorinox Flash Laser Flight
    • Laser replaces White LED Light
    • No blade tools
    • Width: 16.35mm, Weight: 21g
  5. Victorinox Flash Alox
    • Ribbed Alox Scales
    • No Pen or LED Light
    • Width: 13.12mm, Weight: 26.8g
  6. Victorinox Flash Flight Alox
    • Ribbed Alox Scales
    • No Pen or LED Light
    • No blade tools
    • Width: 10.36mm, Weight: 13.22g


Transparent ruby Cellidor or silver ribbed Alox scales are available.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 58mm
  • Width: see specific model above
  • Weight: see specific model above


The storage capacity varies in the models.


First introduced in 2008, this model is a direct descendant of the earlier SwissMemory model.
This family was replaced by various later versions.
The current Victorinox 58mm models containing USB devices are the '...@Work' series, such as the Victorinox@Work

Related Knives

  • SwissMemory - Original USB Flash Drive knife series, very similar functionality
  • Secure - Newer 2010 USB Flash Drive model with biometric authentication and encryption for security.
  • Slim Flash - Newer 2011 slimmer USB Flash Drive model with encryption option.
  • Victorinox@Work - A current (2017) version with USB device and Signature toolset
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