Victorinox Classic SD Sterling Series

Sterling Series, Basketweave, Barleycorn, Hammered, and Swirl


This is a series of the Classic SD knife featuring beautiful solid Sterling Silver scales with a number of different textured patterns in the metal work. They have a solid feel to them, weighing 40-50g depending on model.

Knives in this series

  • Polished
  • Basketweave
  • Barleycorn
  • Hammered
  • Swirl


Victorinox reported the scales to be "handcrafted by one of the world's most prestigious silversmiths" without identifying them by name. Subsequent information appears to identify the company as Lunt Silversmiths for some of the models, and Reed & Barton for the Basket Weave pattern.

Note: Other/older Special Edition Sterling Silver models have been produced by Victorinox in partnership with other silversmiths.
It also seems that some silversmiths manufacture their own scales and attach them to the Classic frame and toolset.


The knives in this series are Classic SD models, but do not have the tweezers or toothpick tools.

Engraving Panel

The original documentation states that the Polished and Barleycorn versions have an engraving plate on the back. However, versions of the Basketweave, and Swirl have also had the engraving panel. Which would seem to leave the Hammered version as the only one without an engraving panel; However, the Polished has been available without an engraving panel, which suggests that maybe the original documentation was wrong.


This series came out in the mid-late 2000s (?tbc) and was not known to be a limited series, and is unlikely to still be being produced. However some models are still available from certain dealers (Aug 2017).

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