Victorinox Classic SD Limited Edition Annual Series

Victorinox Classic SD Limited Edition 2016 Starting in 2010 Victorinox released an annual collection of 58mm SAKs with design patterns on the handles. Each collection includes ten Classic SDs.

In 2012 Victorinox initiated an exciting new approach to designing this series.
Each year there is a Classic Limited Edition Design Contest open to the general public to submit designs for the front and back scales of the Classic Swiss Army Knife. Victorinox shortlist a number of designs and then the general public vote on the shortlist. The most popular ten designs go into production. This has resulted in some very creative, attractive and innovative scales for the Classic.

Starting in 2017 Victorinox set a theme for design contest:
2017: Animals of the World;  2018: Places of the World;  2019: Food of the World;
2020: Sports of the World; 2021: Patterns of the World.

Since 2022 there has been no design contest or special release, although Victorinox has stated that the competition may be reinstated at a late date.

Images below. Click here to see names and model numbers in tabular format.

Image: The 2016 set


Classic SD Limited Editions 2010-2021
Classic SD Limited Editions 2010-2021. Click to enlarge.

Series and Identifiers

Year Identifier Name
2011 0.6223.L1101 Tropical Juice
0.6223.L1102 Sunset Hills
0.6223.L1103 Tula Pink
0.6223.L1104 Button Skirmish
0.6223.L1105 Breeze of Nature
0.6223.L1106 Roaring Sixties
0.6223.L1107 Chanting Robots
0.6223.L1108 Loving You
0.6223.L1109 Technology Trash
0.6223.L1110 Patty Young
2013 0.6223.L1301 Matrioshka
0.6223.L1302 Iron Factory
0.6223.L1303 The World - My Home
0.6223.L1304 Heads Up
0.6223.L1305 Flip To Decide
0.6223.L1306 Little Birds
0.6223.L1307 Blue Mist
0.6223.L1308 Foxy
0.6223.L1309 Blob
0.6223.L1310 Back to School
2015 0.6223.L1501 Lion King
0.6223.L1502 Sea World
0.6223.L1503 Star Light Star Bright
0.6223.L1504 Yodelay-Hee-Moo
0.6223.L1505 Nature Adventure
0.6223.L1506 Bicycle
0.6223.L1507 They'll grow, Deer!
0.6223.L1508 Ride your Bike
0.6223.L1509 Snack Time
0.6223.L1510 Swiss Village
2017: Themes Start → 0.6223.L1701 Dragonfly
Animals of the World 0.6223.L1702 Honey Bee
0.6223.L1703 The Ark
0.6223.L1704 Wolf coming Home
0.6223.L1705 Glimmers
0.6223.L1706 Woodworm
0.6223.L1707 Space Walk
0.6223.L1708 The Giant Panda
0.6223.L1709 Guacamaya
0.6223.L1710 Turtles Down Under
2019: 0.6223.L1901 Sardine Can
Food of the World 0.6223.L1902 Alps Cheese
0.6223.L1903 Mexican Tacos
0.6223.L1904 Chili Peppers
0.6223.L1905 When Life Gives You Lemons
0.6223.L1906 Burger Bar
0.6223.L1907 Swiss Mountain Dinner
0.6223.L1908 Banana Split
0.6223.L1909 Gingerbread Love
0.6223.L1910 Let it Pop
2021: 0.6223.L2101 Mexican Zarape
Patterns of the World 0.6223.L2102 Eagle Flight
0.6223.L2103 Tie Dye
0.6223.L2104 Retro TV
0.6223.L2105 Cubic Illusion
0.6223.L2106 Lucky Cat
0.6223.L2107 Dynamic Floral
0.6223.L2108 Ocean Life
0.6223.L2109 Alpine Edelweiss
0.6223.L2110 Porcelain Elegance
Year Identifier Name
2010: → 0.6223.L1001 Pixel
Victorinox Designed 0.6223.L1002 Rainbow
0.6223.L1003 Trifolium
0.6223.L1004 Splatter
0.6223.L1005 Pepita
0.6223.L1006 Argyle
0.6223.L1007 Pink Army
0.6223.L1008 Cherry
0.6223.L1009 Arrows
0.6223.L1010 Intertrack
2012: → 0.6223.L1201 Electro Love
Design Competition Starts 0.6223.L1202 Labyrinth
0.6223.L1203 Magnolia
0.6223.L1204 White Shadow
0.6223.L1205 Love Song
0.6223.L1206 Romantic Modern
0.6223.L1207 Cliff
0.6223.L1208 Spread Your Wings
0.6223.L1209 Yustaposed
0.6223.L1210 Sneakers
2014 0.6223.L1401 Appenzeller
0.6223.L1402 Clockwork
0.6223.L1403 Colour up your life
0.6223.L1404 My Little Big Toolbox
0.6223.L1405 Lollipop
0.6223.L1406 Blossoms
0.6223.L1407 Treasure
0.6223.L1408 Space Cleaner
0.6223.L1409 Sailor
0.6223.L1410 Classic Car
2016 0.6223.L1601 Rainforest Walk
0.6223.L1602 Mexican
0.6223.L1603 Happy Folks
0.6223.L1604 The Mountains are Calling
0.6223.L1605 Light as a Feather
0.6223.L1606 Dream Big
0.6223.L1607 3 Wise Monkeys
0.6223.L1608 Kokeshi
0.6223.L1609 Wilhelm Tell
0.6223.L1610 Capricorn
2018: 0.6223.L1801 Alp Love
Places of the World 0.6223.L1802 Call of Nature
0.6223.L1803 New York
0.6223.L1804 Cappadocia
0.6223.L1805 Great Pyramids
0.6223.L1806 New Zealand
0.6223.L1807 Mexican Sunset
0.6223.L1808 A Trip to London
0.6223.L1809 Aloha Kakou
0.6223.L1810 The City of Love
2020: 0.6223.L2001 Bike Ride
Sports of the World 0.6223.L2002 I love hiking
0.6223.L2003 Skateboarding
0.6223.L2004 Climb High
0.6223.L2005 Gone Fishing
0.6223.L2006 Deep Dive
0.6223.L2007 World of Soccer
0.6223.L2008 Ski Race
0.6223.L2009 Swiss Wrestling
0.6223.L2010 Sports World


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