Victorinox Cheese Master

Victorinox CheeseMaster

In 2019, nine years after the original Cheese Knife was released, version 2.0 of the Käsemesser was released by Victorinox for Swiss Cheese Marketing (SCM). This version featured the same scales as the original version and added a brand new tool, the fondue fork, to the Cheese Knife.

Later that year Victorinox released their own regular version which they called the Cheese Master (see main image), which has a few minor differences from the SCM version - see * below.

Layer Tools 

* The main blade on the SCM version is etched with the web addresses of the SCM German, French, Italian and English websites

SCM Cheese Knife Version 2.0
SCM Cheese Knife Version 2.0

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


* The scales on the promotional versions were unique to SCM and featured a large white Swiss Cross.
The generally available model had regular, red, scratch-resistant Nylon scales with the regular shield.


See the Cheese Knife page for the history, evolution and versions of the various Cheese Knife models.
The SCM model was only available for purchase through SCM in Switzerland. However, the Cheese Master is generally available.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 111mm
  • Width: 18.5mm
  • Weight: 124g


  • 0.8313.W: Cheese Master regular red Nylon scales

Related Models

  • Cheese Knife - The original version - Removing the fondue fork from this model

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