Victorinox Black Revival Special Edition

Victorinox Classic SD Black Revival Special Edition 0.6223.BR In 2010 Victorinox released a Special Edition series called the Black Revival series (aka Black Edition).

This series consisted of four black-handled models: a Classic SD, a Waiter, a Spartan and a Climber. All had the Victorinox cross and shield emblem printed in gold, in a contiguous, repeating pattern on the handles. The pattern matches the pattern on the 125th Anniversary Jubilee Series, (although these models had red handles). A Tinker Small is also known - additional information required).

The knives were sold in a standard cardboard packaging - although some Classic SDs were packaged in a cardboard gift box, and included a red cloth drawstring pouch for the knife.

This series was probably designed for the French market, but there were rumors that it was also on sale in South Africa. Based on the known identifiers, there may have been multiple releases for different markets.

Discontinued models.
Small Tinker 2010 Special Edition with Black Revival logoed scales
Small Tinker with Black Revival logoed scales


0.6223.BR, 0.6223.3LTD
0.3303.BR, 0.3303.3LTD
1.3603.BR, 1.3603.3LTD
1.3703.BR, 3.3703.3LTD
Tinker Small

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