Trekker The Victorinox Trailmaster (known as the Trekker in North America - See History), is a very popular three-layer, liner-locking model in the 111mm series, with a with a good mix of tools. This series features a locking main blade, and an extra strong locking screwdriver/cap-lifter.

In 2003 the Victorinox One-Handed Trailmaster/Trekker (OHT) was introduced featuring a one-handed opening blade. The OHT is the civilian version of the original One-Handed German Army Knife (OH GAK) and also the current Swiss Soldier knife.

Victorinox One-Handed Trekker
One Hand Trailmaster (OHT)

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Back Layer Tools

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The Trailmaster/Trekker comes with Nylon scales which are usually black (in common with most original liner-lock models).
Camo, and Camo +ARMEE, scales are also available. There is also a Trailmaster 'Grip' version available with brown dual density scales.
An earlier version, probably marketed as the Trailmaster, had red Nylon scales with a slide-lock.


This model is usually known as the Trailmaster, however that name was already being used in the USA by Cold Steel of California, the TrailMaster Bowie Knife being one of their signature products, so Victorinox renamed their knife to be the Trekker  for this market.

In the early 2000s the German military awarded an exclusive contract to Victorinox to manufacture a one-handed opening knife, that contained all the features of the earlier 108mm GAK, as a replacement for that model. (Note: Several manufacturers produced the 108mm GAK). Victorinox selected the Trekker/Trailmaster model as a baseline, and adapted it to a one-handed design for this contract. In 2003 Victorinox offered a civilian version of this model to the general public, where it has proven to be very popular.

Initially the hole in the one-handed opening blade was elliptical, however in 2007 Victorinox redesigned their 111mm OHO models to have: an altered hole which was more circular; a more prominent lock release bar; and also 'VICTORINOX SWISS MADE' was engraved on the blade. The newer release bars can be more uncomfortable when the knife is tightly gripped. (Also see GAK variations photo below and Swiss Army Knights article).

In 2008 this knife was used as the basic design for a new military issue Soldier's Knife for the Swiss Army. This was the first redesign of the Soldier since 1961.
In the same year a plain-edged one-hand-opening blade was offered as a standard option on the Trekker (Model: 54875).


  1. One-Handed Trailmaster/Trekker (OHT): The OHT has a main blade that can be opened with one hand, and is serrated, as opposed to the plain-edged, nail-nick-opening blade of the original Trailmaster. It is the civilian version of the OH GAK (see below) and the current Swiss Soldier.
  2. The One-Handed German Army Knife (OH GAK) is nearly identical to the OHT, except that it has olive drab green scales, with a German army eagle moulded into the scales. It doesn't have the toothpick or tweezers. This knife replaced the original 108mm GAK in 2003 (see History below).
  3. Black Oxide Blade: The OHT was released in a limited run with a black-oxide coated blade.
  4. OHT Plain Edge: In 2007 a limited run of plain-edged One Handed Trekkers (PE OHT) was released (date needs verification). In 2008 the plain-edged one-handed opening blade was offered as a standard option.
  5. The One-Hand Trekker All Black Version (0.8463.M3.3 - OHT-BO) - was first produced in 2010. It had black-oxide coated tools, liners, springs, and keyring and black nylon scales. This model was initially available as part of a military themed limited edition collection of three different SAKs. The knives from this set are numbered on the blade, and included the olive pouch (4.0822.4). This model has been occasionally available outside of the set in Switzerland, and was also available in Italy and France in 2011. A very popular model with collectors, availability appears to be quite limited.
  6. Victorinox 2012 Damascus Limited Edition
  7. The Black Ice Trailmaster was a 2013 Limited Special-Edition featuring a special black ice coating on all the tools, liners, springs and keyring. The coating is thought to be a PVD application, with an anthracite chemical composition, which gives the tools a shimmering look. It features a one-handed, partially serrated blade; camouflage scales; and orange-plastic tipped tweezers that feature a laser-etched metric scale. It is a member of the Black Ice Series. Production was limited to 1000 pieces, however the release was not numbered.
  8. The Black-Oxide Trailmaster (0.8463.MILI) one-handed (OH) limited run: The Black Series with black-oxide coated serrated blade, liners, spring, keyring. It is supplied with a soft khaki imitation leather pouch, that can be fitted horizontally or vertically.
  9. — other variations need documenting —

Swiss Army Knights (SOSAK) article on OHT variants: -  See link

Physical Specifications

GAK 2003
GAK 2003
GAK Variations
GAK Variations
  • Length: 111mm (including saw-tip protrusion)
  • Height: 34.7mm (top of round opening OH blade)
  • Width: 17.8mm (OHT Version)
  • Weight: 127g / 4.5oz (OHT Version)


  • 0.8463: Regular plain-edge blade, red
  • 0.8463.3: Regular plain-edge blade, black
  • 0.8461.MW94: Camo scales, OH, PS blade
  • 0.8461.MWC941: Desert brown dual density scales, OH PS blade, no tp or tw
  • 0.8463.M3.3: Serrated blade, all tools, liners, and keyring are black-oxide coated
  • 0.8463.MILI: Black-Oxide Trailmaster, from the Black Series
  • 0.8463.MW3: One handed (OH) partially serrated (PS) blade, black
  • 0.8463.MW94L12: Black Ice Limited Edition

US Model Numbers:

  • 54854: Regular plain-edge blade
  • 54874: One-handed, partially serrated blade
  • 54875: One-handed, plain edge blade
  • 54876: German Army Knife, One-handed, partially serrated blade
  • 54877: Camo scales, One-handed, partially serrated blade
  • 54878: Camo scales, One-handed, plain edge blade
  • 54884: Black blade, One-handed, partially serrated blade

Related Models

  • Soldier 2008 - The Swiss military version of this knife, designed in 2008
  • Forester - Replaces the Phillips screwdriver with a corkscrew
  • Locksmith - Adds a metal file/saw
  • Master - Replaces the wood saw with a metal file/saw
  • Dual Pro - Replaces the saw with a locking OH belt cutter blade, replaces the Phillips with a corkscrew
  • Centurion - No wood saw
  • Parachutist - Includes a belt cutter in place of the wood saw
  • Jumpmaster - Adds a belt cutter tool

Victorinox 111mm liner-lock model comparison

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