A Victorinox Tourist with black scales same as a Spartan but in 84mm The Victorinox Tourist has the same basic toolset as the classic Spartan model, but in the smaller 84mm frame size.

Name Disambiguation: This name was used in the past for an Alox handled, early version of the Voyager.

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Red Cellidor scales are standard, other colors were offered from time to time. Advertising models have a wide variety of colors.


  1. Earlier and/or economy versions did not include the toothpick or tweezers in the scales.
  2. Was also available without a keyring attachment (as late as 2009).
  3. A luxury version with mother of pearl scales was also produced.
  4. There was also a version with horn scales, which included the toothpick and tweezers, and no keyring.
  5. 1984 centennial edition.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 84mm
  • Width: 14mm
  • Weight: 51g (keyring version)


  • 0.3603: Standard model; red scales; keyring (US model number: 53131)
  • 0.3602: No keyring
  • 0.3600.68: Mother of pearl scales, with no keyring, toothpick or tweezers
  • 0.3603.JU: 1984 centennial edition

Related Models

  • Sportsman - Has a nail-file instead of the small blade
  • Tinker 84mm - The Tinker in the 84mm size; replaces the corkscrew with a Phillips driver
  • Recruit - No backside tools (reamer/corkscrew)
  • Spartan - A larger 91mm model with the same toolset
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