Tool Chest Plus

Tool Chest Plus The Wenger Tool Chest Plus, EvoGrip S54, and SuperTalent 54 are large 85mm ten-layer Swiss Army Knives, featuring the same toolset, with different scale and blade options.
This is a very large knife, not easily carried in the pocket due to the number of layers, particularly the wide compass tool, so the model is probably aimed for a pouch, or backpack carry, or at collectors.

Discontinued - Although available as a Victorinox Delémont model.

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


The Tool Chest Plus has regular red Cellidor scales.
The EVOGrip S54 has Evolution series EvoGrip scales.


  • The Supertalent 54 is a European name for the Tool Chest Plus.
  • The EVOGrip S54 has Evolution style ergonomic scales with black rubber grip pads (EvoGrip), and a locking blade.
  • The Security/Sécurité 54 features a locking blade.
  • The Model 1.73.02 replaces the universal wrench with a snap shackle. No key ring/key chain
Model 1.73.02
Model 1.73.02


Discontinued 2006(?). Superseded by the EvoGrip S54 and the SuperTalent 54.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 85mm
  • Width: 40mm - Traditional scale version
  • Weight: 7.7 ounces


  • SuperTalent 54
  • 1.54.03: Standard red cellidor scales
  • Standard black cellidor scales
  • 1.54.53: Standard red cellidor scales with locking main blade
  • 1.54.59: Standard red cellidor scales with locking main blade listed as Security 54
  • 1.73.02: Standard red cellidor scales, replaces the universal wrench with a snap shackle. Removes the key ring/key chain

US Product Codes:

  • 16909: Regular Tool Chest Plus
  • 16812: EVOGrip S54
  • 16906: Early version Tool Chest Plus with small key chain and no sewing eye on reamer

Related Models

  • Champ - An earlier eight layer model losing the pliers and orienteering tool
  • Tool Chest - A smaller model losing the orienteering tool, saw and fish scaler


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