Victorinox Tinker The Victorinox Tinker is a popular 91mm model that is very similar to the classic Spartan.
The only difference is that the Spartan's backspring corkscrew is replaced with a Phillips screwdriver.

The McKinley model/variation was a Tinker with a partially serrated blade - This model is no longer available.

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Red Cellidor.


The backspring Phillips screwdriver was introduced by Victorinox in 1952. The Tinker has remained a very popular model since then.


  1. A Nylon scaled version (a.k.a Tinker II / Eurosport / Ecoline), was also available at one time, and may still be available in some markets.
  2. The McKinley version (see image below) replaces the main blade with a 60% partially serrated blade, on which the serrations start at the tang. The McKinley* was one of a series of three models named after famous mountains. See also: Matterhorn, Rainier. This series is discontinued.
    * Note: Mount McKinley is now more commonly known by its native name Denali.

McKinley variation with a 60% serrated blade
McKinley variation with a 60% serrated blade

Camo Tinker
Camo Tinker

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 13.7mm
  • Weight: 60.5g


  • 1.4603: Red Cellidor scales
  • 3.4603.808: Yellow stay-glow scales

US Model Numbers:

  • 53101: Red Cellidor
  • 53103: Black Cellidor
  • 53121: Red Cellidor - McKinley variation
  • 51122: Camo Cellidor - McKinley variation
  • 58102: Nylon Scales (a.k.a Tinker II / Eurosport 12 / Ecoline) SABI SKU: 8193203
  • 58120: Camo Tinker with pouch

Related Models

  • Tinker - Small - An 84mm knife with the same toolset
  • Super Tinker - Adds the scissors and a hook
  • Deluxe Tinker - Adds the scissors, hook, and pliers
  • Spartan - A corkscrew replaces the Phillips
  • Hiker - Adds a wood saw
  • Mechanic - Adds the pliers
  • Timekeeper Alarm - The tweezers are replaced with a the digital clock/alarm/timer module in the scales
  • American Eagle - A Smokey Mountain KnifeWorks special edition: The fine screwdriver replaces the reamer/awl, and with different scales

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