Early black version with two Roman numerals (XII and VI) and 10 dashes. The Time Keeper is an unusual 91mm Victorinox Knife. Embedded in the front scale is a small analog watch. This is perhaps Victorinox's first attempt at mating electronic devices into their knives, not to mention the Swiss passion for timepieces. This model starts with the popular tool set of the Compact and replaces the tweezers with the Watch.

Name disambiguation: The Timekeeper Alarm is a similarly named, but completely different model, which features a digital clock in one scale.

The Time Keeper was discontinued in 2007.

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Red or Black Cellidor scales. The top scale bulges slightly (approx. 3mm) to allow room for the watch.


Early versions had a dial with two Roman numerals (XII and VI) and 10 dashes. Later versions had a dial with all twelve Arabic numerals.


Introduced in early 1992, it was discontinued in 2007 (although supply was available from inventory for some years after that). It paved the way for the later models with digital timepieces in the scales, such as the current (2017) Traveller.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 15.9mm (19mm including the protrusion of the watch)
  • Weight: 68.14g


  • 53431 US Model: Red Cellidor
  • 1.3406 Red Cellidor
  • 1.3406.3 Black Cellidor

Related Knives

  • Compact - No Timepiece
  • SuperTimer - A SwissChamp variation that also has the watch in the front scale
  • Timekeeper Alarm - Similarly named, but very different model: Digital not analogue clock, and the 'Tinker' toolset
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