Victorinox SwissMemory - 512Mb The Victorinox SwissMemory series integrated a flash-drive (aka thumb-drive) computer memory device into the ubiquitous Victorinox 58mm Swiss Army Knife.
The SwissMemory is essentially a Victorinox Signature model mated with a USB flash drive.
There are a number of different SwissMemory models making it more of a series, than a single model. The differences include bladed tools, scale tools and memory capacity.


Layer Tools

Victorinox SwissMemory Alox - 1Gb

Scale Tools


Available with Cellidor and Alox scales, translucent red (ruby), and translucent blue (sapphire) in Cellidor; silver for the Alox handles.
The Alox scaled SwissMemory does not have the LED or retractable pen.


SwissMemory Flight

This model removes all the bladed tools retaining only the thumb drive, which makes this model acceptable to carry on board an aeroplane.
There is an Alox version of the SwissMemory Flight, with no scale tools.

SwissMemory Laser

This model replaces the red LED light with a small red laser pointer in the Cellidor scales. All other things remain the same.

SwissMemory Flight Laser

Combining the two above variations, this model removes the blades to make it airline friendly and replaces the LED light with a laser pointer.


Memory Capacity

The size of the memory in the removable thumb drive varies according to the age of the Swiss Memory model. Early units had as small as 64 Megabytes while the later models had as much as two Gigabytes. Memory capacity is independent of the other variations, ie. any of the model variations may have a different memory capacity.
Sizes available as of April 2007 were 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB.

LED Lights

One Gigabyte and higher memory capacity knives have a white light while models sold with a lower memory capacity had a red light. The white LED lights are much brighter than the red lights.


The Swiss Memory was first introduced in 2005. In 2006 the Flight variation was created, providing a model that was compatible with airline travel.
The laser models were first introduced in early 2007.

This family was replaced by the Victorinox Flash family and then by later models. The current Victorinox 58mm models containing USB devices are the '...@Work' series, such as the Victorinox@Work

Related Models

  • Victorinox@Work - The current (2020) version with a USB device and the Signature toolset
  • Victorinox Flash - Very similar functions. This was the second USB Flash Drive series
  • Secure - Newer 2010 third generation USB Flash Drive model with biometric authentication and encryption for security
  • Slim Flash - Newer 2011 slimmer USB Flash Drive model with encryption option
  • Signature Lite - The same as the SwissMemory, but with no thumb drive
  • Signature Laser - The same as the SwissMemory Laser, but with no thumb drive
  • Bladeless - Another Victorinox model without a blade

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