A like new Victorinox Illuminator The SwissLite is a relatively common 58mm Victorinox knife. It is essentially a Classic with a LED-MiniLight embedded in the handle. Originally the light was a red light LED, but in 2011 Victorinox began shipping a brighter white light LED version. When it was first introduced, the SwissLite was known as the Illuminator. This instruction sheet as an illustration on battery replacement.

Layer Tools

Scale Tools


The Swiss Lite has Cellidor scales. It is available in a number of color choices: Red, Black, Blue, White, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 58mm
  • Width: 10.6mm
  • Weight: 31.6g (Illuminator version, including key chain & keyring)


  1. The Illuminator is essential a variation that includes a 5" key chain and a large keyring. Early versions may have come with the ))Nail-Cleaner(( tip on the nail file. First produced in 1996, and it was also available with the Marlboro Unlimited logo branding on the bottom scale.
  2. A brighter white light version began shipping in later 2010 or 2011 in most markets.


The Illuminator was first produced in 1986.


  • 0.6228 Victorinox AN: Illuminator
  • 53018 US Model: Illuminator
  • 54030 US Model: Red scales white light.
  • 54033 US Model: Red Ruby scales with white light.
  • 54036 US Model: Blue Sapphire scales with white light.

Related Knives

  • Classic - same knife, but LED light is replaced by the standard toothpick.
  • Signature Lite - Same tools, but replaces tweezers with retractable pen.
  • Midnight Manager - More tools, but also has a LED light.

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