Swiss Shark

Swiss Shark The Victorinox Swiss Shark is a 108mm knife introduced in February 2011 as a special run of only fifty knives.
The simple tool configuration makes it very light weight and an easy carry. It offers both a large plain-edged blade, and a serrated-edged safety blade and also a corkscrew . Swiss shArK is lightly etched on the main-blade in a playful artistic typeface. Presumably the capital letters spelling SAK is not a coincidence!
This model will be of primary interest to collectors due to its limited availability.


Layer Tools

Swiss ShArK
Swiss ShArK

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools



Red Nylon with a hole that goes straight through the knife for use as an attachment point.


The Swiss Shark was first introduced in February 2011. It was created specifically for collectors in a special run of only fifty knives.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 108mm
  • Width: 15mm
  • Weight: 81.3

Related Knives

  • Safari Hunter - Three layers, adds a wood saw with combo-tool tip (screwdriver and openers), and offers different scale options
  • Solo Plus - Single layer, removes the serrated blade

Other Victorinox 108mm Models
The dealer SwissBianco also produced other custom 108mm models targeted at collectors

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