Picture by Chako of Multitool.org The Stylus is a relatively rare 58mm Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. Designed when most portable devices used resistive screens (rather than modern capacitive screens), the Stylus is a near twin of the Signature II. The only differences is a small plastic tipped, retractable stylus replaces the retractable pen

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Cellidor scales. It is available in Translucent Red (Ruby), and Translucent Blue (Sapphire).


There are no variations in the Stylus.


The Stylus was first introduced in 2002.


  • 53095 US Model: ))Ruby-Red(( (Translucent) scales

Related Knives

  • Signature - has a ballpoint pen instead of a stylus.
  • Classic - replaces the stylus with a toothpick.
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