The original Spirit with the famously nicknamed 'butter' blade. The Victorinox Spirit, correctly named the SwissTool Spirit, was introduced in 2004, several years after the SwissTool. It is a pliers-based multitool with uniquely curved handles and a wide assortment of tools, that all lock in the open position.

All of the blades and tools fold from the outside of the handles, allowing quick and easy tool deployment without opening the pliers. This arrangement also helps make for a more comfortable feel in the hand when using the pliers.

The Spirit is much smaller than the earlier released SwissTool models. The most significant differences are the greatly reduced weight, and the curved ergonomic handles.

Two other very distinctive, and unusual, features of the Swisstool Spirit are:

  • The blunt tipped, serrated sheepsfoot blade, sometimes referred to as the as the 'butter knife' . This was a departure for Victorinox from the normal drop-point blades seen in nearly all their other tools.
  • The Spirit scissors which also have a completely different design from the regular Victorinox scissors.

In 2020, Victorinox introduced a one handed-opening version of the Spirit, called the SwissTool Spirit MXBS. Also the original Spirit model and the 'butter knife' were discontinued.

Spirit S - Black-Oxide
Spirit S - Black-Oxide

Handle Tools

Spirit S
Spirit S

The Spirit has ten blades/tools - five in each handle - many with more than one function. All of the blades lock open securely, and all are tensioned by means of the same style individual backsprings as first seen on the SwissTool.

These tools are common to all Spirit models:

Handle One

  • Wood saw
  • Awl with hook at base
  • Cap lifter / 6mm screwdriver / Crate opener / Wire bender notch
  • Chisel / Scraper / Wire strippers / Wire cutter

Handle Two

  • Metal file / Metal saw
  • Can opener / 3mm screwdriver (Flat/Phillips)
  • Phillips screwdriver (No 1,2)
  • Small long screwdriver (2mm)

Two additional tools (one in each handle) are added by the various models described below.


The basis for the Spirit is a set of needle nose pliers. The plier jaws have fine serrations out near the tips, coarse serrations in the center, and both hard-wire and soft-wire cutting notches near the pivot. Some models are available with a cap crimper  in the pliers.


The models listed below add the tools indicated to the common tools listed above.
The names Swisstool Spirit I, II and III also appear to have been used at sometime. There also seem to have been some model name changes.
The Spirit is usually packaged with a Nylon or leather case/belt pouch.

Swisstool Spirit (or Spirit XC - 3.0227)

This model, as the first Spirit model, was just known as the 'Swisstool Spirit' - or the 'original ' or 'standard ' model - See top photo.
However the Victorinox catalogue (2015) calls the model below (the 'Spirit S') the Swisstool Spirit  and this one the 'XC ' !! :-(

Spirit X
Spirit X
  • Sheepsfoot serrated blade (or butter blade)
  • Scissors

This model, and therefore the infamous 'butter blade', was discontined in 2019/2020

Swisstool Spirit (or Spirit S - 3.0223)

  • Sheepsfoot serrated blade
  • Regular drop-point blade

This model appears to be withdrawn (2017)

Swisstool Spirit X (3.0224)

  • Regular drop-point blade
  • Scissors

Exploded Assembly View

Swisstool Spirit XBS (3.0224.xxx )

  • Regular drop-point blade
  • Scissors

This model became available in late 2016 and features Victorinox's blackened, burnished steel, which has a deep lustre (compared to Leatherman's black oxide) and, according to Victorinox, provides for better protection against corrosion.
This model is available with (3.0224.3CN)  and without (3.0224.xxx)  the cap crimper in the pliers.
It is a different variation from the earlier black Spirit - 3.0224.3CCH.

Swisstool Spirit MXBS (3.0226.M3)

  • One-hand opening drop-point blade, with a thumbstud - this blade appears to be slightly shorter than the regular blade
  • One-hand opening emergency blade, with a thumbstud
  • Scissors
  • No wood saw

This model was introduced in 2020 and was the first Spirit variation with one-hand opening blades and without the wood saw.
Available in both stainless steel and black oxidised finish?
Apparently, some of the tools have changed positions: the metal saw and scissors, for example, are no longer located on the same side of the tool.
This model was initially developed for a military contract, but became generally available, at least in 2022. More information is needed.

Swisstool Spirit MX (3.0224.MN)

This model became available in 2022 and also featured the one-handed-opening blade.

  • One-hand opening drop-point blade, with a thumbstud
  • Scissors

Plus Package Models and Tools

The Spirit is available with two 'Plus Packages' , which include the following stand-alone tools: a corkscrew; a jeweler's (micro) screwdriver; a set of six 1/4" hex bits in a plastic holder; and either, an L-shaped wrench, or, a small ratchet. The bits supplied in the Plus holder are: Phillips 0, Phillips 3, Torx 10, Torx 15, Hex 3, Hex 4.

The corkscrew attaches to the Spirit by means of a small contoured hole in the plier bracket.

The two current (2022) Plus Packages upgrade the Spirit X model.
The first version of these two options included the original Spirit (XC) sheepsfoot model (Sets: 3.0238/9.L)

  • Spirit X Plus (3.0235.L) – Includes the bit-wrench; bits and holder; corkscrew; eyeglass screwdriver
  • Spirit X Plus Ratchet (3.0236.L) – Includes the small ratchet wrench plus extension bar; bits and holder; corkscrew; eyeglass screwdriver


The handles are curved, highly polished stainless steel, with special coating on some versions.


In 2022 a pocket clip became available for the Swisstool Spirit.
This is available on the Swisstool Spirit MX as model 3.0224.MKB1, or individually as 3.0240.B1 (silver coloured version) and 3.0240.3B1 (BS black oxide version).


The Spirit was originally introduced in 2004. The Spirit S came out two years later in 2006. The Spirit X became readily available in North America in 2009. The models available have changed slightly over the years, and there has been some re-naming of the models - See Models section above.

The first leather carrying pouch for the Spirit Plus could only accommodate either the corkscrew/mini-screwdriver or the ratchet extension bar, but not both. Victorinox later released a new larger leather pouch, with the same part-number (4.0832.L), that could accommodate both the ratchet extension and the corkscrew attachment.


  1. The Spirit Railroad has the same tool configuration as the standard (original), but includes branding for the Swiss Federal Railway on the handles (SBB-CFF-FFS).
  2. The Spirit-S Black-Oxide version was released in 2007, with a black coating on all tools and handles.
  3. The Spirit-X BO CC has become an official tool of the Swiss Army and others. This version comes with a black oxidized finish, and a special blasting-cap-crimper in the nose of the pliers. It was first seen with a green Swiss Army sheath, but other case options also exist.
  4. The Spirit-RT was released in 2010, a member of the Road Tour collection, it features the same tools as the Spirit-X, but has special black 'Polispectral ' coated handles, and a Your Companion for Life  logo/etching on the main blade. The Spirit-RT was packaged with a special textured black (faux) leather pouch. The Spartan PS, released in 2017, saw the use of this coating once more on the tools of this knife. About this coating, Victorinox now mentions on their website: "A special coating that looks different depending on how the light hits it, ranging from dark gray to anthracite, with a unique shimmering and mirror-smooth surface finish".

Physical Specifications

Spirit RT
Spirit RT
  • Length: 106.6mm
  • Width: 14mm - across tools
  • Height: 35.25mm - including tool protrusions at extremes
  • Weight: 210g;  368g with tool, full bit-wrench kit and its Victorinox leather case


The Spirit is usually packaged with a Nylon or leather case/belt pouch: '.N' or '.L'  suffix to the model number respectively.

  • 3.0227: Spirit standard model (53800 for 3.0227.L)
  • 3.0223: Spirit S (53809 for 3.0223.L)
  • 3.0224: Spirit X (53814)
  • 3.0224.3CCH: Spirit X with black-oxide coated with blasting-cap crimper in the pliers
  • 3.0224.3CN: Spirit X with burnished steel and a blasting-cap crimper in the pliers
  • 3.0224.L10: Spirit RT - A Spirit X with black anodized handles, black leather case (53922)
  • 3.0226.M3: Spirit MXBS - Black oxidized version, black MOLLE compatible case
  • 3.0238.L: Spirit XC Plus - with bit-wrench, corkscrew, mini screwdriver, bits
  • 3.0239.L: Spirit XC Plus Ratchet - with ratchet, corkscrew, mini screwdriver, bits

US Model Numbers: (in brackets above)

  • 53815: Spirit S - Black oxidized version - includes leather case
  • 53819: Spirit X BO CC (cap-crimper) with ratchet kit and brown leather pouch

Related Models

  • SwissTool - The original, larger, heavier SwissTool, with a different handle style, but sharing many characteristics with the Spirit

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