Special Mechanic

The Victorinox Mechanic Jr., also known as the "Special Mechanic", was manufactured for Radio Shack and marked as part of their "Techline" brand.  The top/obverse side has a metal inlay reading "Techline". The Special Mechanic, also known as the Mechanic Jr., is the smallest model (two layers) Victorinox has manufactured that included the pliers. The name is not official, as this model was produced mainly for Radio Shack stores and marketed under their Techline brand of tools. This model may have also been produced for other promotions, but was most likely never produced as a generally available model.

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Black Cellidor plus-scales with a Techline silver inlay on top scale and the Victorinox shield on the bottom scale. The Plus scales included a hole for the straight-pin, however the pin may not have been provided. Much less common is a red scaled version also with the metal Techline inlay, which did not have the slot for the straight-pin.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 15.6mm
  • Weight: 81.7g

Related Models

  • Mechanic - A three-layer model that included the pliers, adding the standard 'opener'-layer
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