Spartan Lite

Victorinox Spartan Lite The Spartan Lite is a Victorinox 91mm Swiss Army Knife, adding an additional middle layer, containing an LED light and an inline Phillips screwdriver, to the ubiquitous Spartan.
The LED/Phillips layer is as thick as two regular layers, making this three-layer model as wide as the four-layer Huntsman. However, even with its four-layer equivalent width, the Spartan Lite is the thinnest model that includes the inline Phillips screwdriver.
The light is not very bright, but quite useful for finding keyholes; late night navigation, without disturbing others; and close-up tasks where some lights may be too bright.

Layer Tools

StayGlow Spartan Lite
StayGlow Spartan Lite

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


The translucent ruby Cellidor scales are most common, but translucent green (emerald) and stayglow (see image) scales have also been available. Other colours may also be available.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 19.5mm
  • Weight: 84g


  • 1.7804.T1: Ruby transparent scales
  • 1.7804.T4: Emerald green translucent scales
  • 1.7804.7E1: Pictured scales, devoted to a German movie (T)Raumschiff Surprise Periode 1 (22. Juli 2004). Made in 2004 by Michael Herbig
  • 1.7804.LTD Kunzi Spa: La Posta Limited Edition 2007: 999 pieces made; yellow/black scales with the Swiss Postal Service logo; 'Limited Edition '07' laser etched onto the main blade
  • 3.7804.808: StayGlow scales

  • 53451, 50451QVC - US Model numbers: Ruby transparent scales - The reason for the two identifiers is unknown

Related Models 

  • Spartan - The classic two-layer model omitting the LED light and Phillips screwdriver
  • Passenger - Replaces the LED light with a magnifying glass, no mini-screwdriver
  • CyberTool 29 - Replaces the light and Phillips with the inline bit-driver
  • Huntsman Lite - Adds a wood saw, scissors, hook, pressurized pen, and straight pin
  • Voyager Lite - Adds scissors, hook with nail-file, pen, straight pin, and digital display with timer functions
  • Traveller Lite - Extends the Voyager Lite with altimeter/barometer/thermometer digital functions
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