A Brazilian historical fact: Estrada Real ("The Royal Highway" in Portuguese) was the name of all routes used between the 17th and 19th Centuries in Brazilian colonization (Brazil was Portugal's colony). The state of Minas Gerais was the richest one in gold and diamonds and the Crown wanted to control all the people and goods' traffic. Nowadays the use the same routes for tourism, so people can visit old towns and places were historical events happened. Here we have the Victorinox on the front side and 'ER' logo on the back side. The Spartan is probably the most common, and well known, 91mm Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. It is a direct descendant of the historic Victorinox Officer's Knife, having essentially the same toolset as the original knife, but featuring the modern versions of the tools. It is available in numerous colours and handle designs - see 'Scales'.

Nearly all  Victorinox 91mm Swiss Army Knives contain the six main tools, and two scale tools of the Spartan. So it can be considered to be the base model to which all the other models add (and occasionally subtract* ) tools.

* Tinker based SAKs swap the corkscrew for a Phillips screwdriver; Compact based models swap the small blade, openers and awl for the Combo Tool; there are also other minor variations, to these base toolsets, in a few other models.

The earlier 'Standard ' model is almost identical - see 'History'.

Layer Tools

'Hiker' from the Canada Series - see Variations
'Hiker' from the Canada Series - see Variations

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


The Spartan usually has classic red Cellidor scales, however it is/has been available in several different colours including ruby, blue, sapphire, green, emerald, yellow, black, white, and camouflage. It is a common model for the beautiful 'Tourist'  picture knives, which contain iconic images of cities and landscapes from around the world, for example the Matterhorn in Switzerland, or the London Skyline. National flags and other series have also been made, it is also often used for corporate promotional purposes.
Many, many other colours, special designs, and scales with images, have been available in the past, and continue to be frequently released by Victorinox and its licensed partners.


The Spartan has the same main toolset as the original Victorinox Officer's Knife, (historical model number 234), so it is a direct descendant of that first 'Swiss Army Knife.' However, as the Victorinox tools and product line evolved and improved, the Spartan today is very different from the Officer's Knife; with significant changes to the can-opener, screwdriver and awl, but also changes to all the other tools, and the scales; also adding in the toothpick and tweezers.

The 'Standard ' model was the predecessor to the Spartan and its name was a reflection of its early military heritage. It is almost identical to the Spartan, but with solid scales, that did not contain the tweezers or toothpick tools; also it usually did not include the keyring.


  1. The Spartans and 'Standards' were often branded with company logos. The 'Marlboro' branded Standard (sometimes called a 'Premium' because it was made for the 'premium'/advertising sales channel) was very common and is still obtainable in the used markets.
  2. An early version of the Spartan (SABI 5064) did not include the toothpick or tweezers - see SAB 1985 catalogue.
  3. An Elinox version of the Standard was also manufactured with a silver 'hot stamp ' Elinox Sheild and an ELINOX/ SWITZERLAND/ STAINLESS/ ROSTFREI  tang stamp.
  4. The so-called 'Hiker' from the Canada Series (see image above) was actually a Spartan/Standard - with keyring, but no toothpick and tweezers.
  5. One of the more interesting scale variations is the Bavarian, which featured blue & white scales with the Bavaria coat of arms.
  6. The Weekender model is a fully serrated main blade version of the Spartan. (Note the different serrated grind compared to the Mountain Series). This model has been reported discontinued in the past, but resurfaced as part of a special picnic set (ref: 2008 Catalogue), and was produced again in 2012 and started to appear in Target Stores in the US, and from a small number of other retailers.  Since 2008 Victorinox has used the name 'Serrated Spartan' in the US for this model.
  7. An unusual variation of the Spartan was the 'Spartan Golfer', (see image below) where the small blade is replaced by the divot tool.
  8. In 1997 Victorinox released a special numbered edition (1.3603.J97) as a part of the Officers Knife 100th Anniversary Special Edition.
  9. The 2012 Special Edition (1.3603.L12) is a numbered edition in special packaging that celebrates 115 years of the 'Officer's Knife '.
  10. In 2012 Victorinox produced 500 red Spartans to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Swiss Association for the Study of Arms and Armor. The front scale has a metal inlay picture of a historic dagger. The main blade has the letters ASEAA-SGHWR-ASSAA (the abbreviations of the society in French, German, & Italian); the reverse has the years 1962 - 2012 between two Swiss crosses. The can-opener has CHnnn/CH500 etched on the front. A red alox Pioneer was issued at the same time with similar markings and also limited to 500 pieces.
  11. The 2013 Black Ice edition (1.3603.94L12) is a limited run of 1723 pieces features a special 'Black-Ice' coating on the tools and springs. Includes special paper-box packaging designed for the Black Ice Series - which also included a 111mm Trailmaster/Trekker and 58mm Classic SD models.
  12. Swiss jeweller Edisona produces a special line of metal handled models with Swiss theme designs.
  13. From 2015 Victorinox made special scales on standard knives for the Victorinox Ukraine Edition.
  14. 2017 saw the release of the smart looking Spartan PS, with all tools coated in black, by a process known as 'Polispectral ', and available with white or black scales. This from the Victorinox website: "The tools boast a special coating that looks different depending on how the light hits it, ranging from dark grey to anthracite, with a unique shimmering and mirror-smooth surface finish".
  15. In 2017 Victorinox released the Russian Edition of Swiss Army Knives consisting of seven Spartan models with special scales.
  16. In 2020 the Spartan Onyx Black was released: a Spartan PS with black tweezers and black toothpick.
1992 Limited Edition for Winter Olympic Games (Albertville)
1992 Limited Edition for Winter Olympic Games (Albertville)

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 13.8mm
  • Weight: 59.64g


  • 1.3603: Regular Spartan model, red scales (53151)
  • 1.3600: Standard model, red scales; no t&t or keyring

  • 1.3601.62: Genuine India horn scales; no t&t
  • 1.3601.66: Genuine staghorn scales; no t&t
  • 1.3601.J14: Spartan Damascus limited edition 2014; no t&t
  • 1.3603.3: Black scales (53153)
  • 1.3603.31P: Spartan Onyx Black edition from 2020
  • 1.3603.7E6: Bavarian Special Edition
  • 1.3603.7P: Spartan PS from 2017
  • 1.3603.94: Camouflage Cellidor scales
  • 1.3603.94L12: Black Ice 2013 Limited Edition
  • 1.3603.BR: Black Revival Special Edition
  • 1.3603.J97: 100th Anniversary Edition of the Officer's Knife 1897-1997
  • 1.3603.L12: Special edition - short red lanyard and serial number stamped on the liner behind the corkscrew, released June 2012
  • 1.3603.T: Ruby transparent scales (53351)
  • 1.3603.T2: Sapphire transparent scales (53352)
  • 1.3603.T7: SilverTech transparent scales (54753)
  • 1.3603.W: Weekender model with a serrated (wavy) main blade (53161; 53152: Box packaging; 57152: Paperboard card packaging)
  • 1.3603.xE1: The Customize your Watch models - x=:
    • 2: Dark blue/aubergine scales;  3: Grey scales;  4: Olive drab green scales;  8: Orange scales
  • 3.3600: Cellidor Economy; no t&t, or keyring (example seen with hot stamped silver Swiss shield logo)
  • 3.3601: Cellidor Economy; no t&t, (example seen with printed advertising and Swiss shield logo)
  • 3.3603: Ecoline version with nylon scales
Spartan Golfer
Spartan Golfer

US Model Numbers: (also in brackets above)

  • 5064: Red Cellidor, no tp or tw (US Swiss Army Brands {SABI} number)
  • 53603: Hardwood scales, 2011 release

Related Models

  • Tinker - A Phillips driver replaces the corkscrew
  • Camper - Adds a wood saw
  • Spartan Lite - Adds an inline Phillips, LED light, and mini-screwdriver
  • Cybertool-29 - Adds a bit-driver, mini-screwdriver, and a removable pen
  • Tourist - A smaller 84mm model with the equivalent tools
  • Nomad - A larger 111mm model with the equivalent tools
  • Battle of Morgarten - A special edition of the 'Spartan' from the Battle Series


  • Commander - Wenger's baseline two-layer model

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