Solo and Solo Plus

Victorinox 108mm Solo models with slip cases. **Photo by: Neil Bee The Victorinox Solo is a blade only 108mm red Nylon scaled Swiss Army knife, that was originally named the Adventurer. In commmon with other 108mm models, it has the unusual feature of a hole that passes through both scales to allow for a lanyard or other attachment.

The Solo Plus adds a corkscrew to the blade.

Discontinued models.

Name disambiguation:
There is a 93mm Alox model named the Solo.
The Adventurer is now a 111mm model.

Layer Tools

Solo Plus
Solo Plus

Back Layer Tools

The Solo Plus adds the:

Scale Tools

The Solo and other 108mm knives do not have any non-blade tools such as the traditional toothpick and tweezers. This is typical of the military knives, but rare for the civilian knives.


Red Nylon scales with a Swiss Cross crest.


In 2008 Roger Remund from the dealership Swiss Bianco (+B), created a variation of the Solo Plus by substituting a clip-point blade for the original drop-point blade. He assembled twenty-eight of these and named them Jung Jager - Young Hunter.


The Solo was originally named the Adventurer when introduced as part of the Safari Series.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 108mm
  • Width: 11.8mm
  • Height: 27mm (max), 20mm (min)
  • Weight: Solo:- 50g; Solo Plus:- 52.5g


  • 0.8710: Original Adventurer model number

  • 53843: US model number for the Solo Plus

Related Models

  • Pathfinder - Adds a wood saw with bottle/can-opener (no back-tools)
  • Swiss Shark - Adds a serrated blade to the Solo Plus
  • Trooper - Green scales, adds the woodsaw with bottle/can opener, corkscrew, awl

Other Victorinox 108mm Models

  • Alox Solo - A 93mm knife with a single blade
  • Sentinel - A 111mm knife with a single blade

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