Note the retractable pen vs. the removable found in the Signature I Knife. The Signature is a common Victorinox 58mm Swiss Army Knife containing the same main tools as the Classic, but differing in the scale tools.

The Signature Lite and Signature Laser were later additions to the family, see the Models section for details.

Layer Tools

Scale Tools

  • Retractable pen - The pen was removable in the original version
  • Tweezers - Not included in the Lite or Laser models
  • LED light - Only available in the Signature Lite model
  • Red laser - Only available in the Signature Laser model


Like the Classic, the Signature comes in a wide variety of colours, although the Signature is not available with scales in any material other than Cellidor (plastic).
The Silver-tech scales are available on the Signature Lite model.


The Signature Family has three major models. The variations being the inclusion, or not, of an LED light or red laser, and also the design of the pen.

Signature I

This was the original Signature and included a small removable ballpoint pen in the scales.
It is no longer manufactured.


The Signature (II) is an improved design that addressed the poor (due to its size) writing ability of the small removable pen in the original model.
The Signature II has a retractable  pen, which is engaged by pushing down a small grey slide located about half way up the scale, by the scissors. Since the pen remains connected to the knife, the knife body improves the length and usability of the pen. The nail file can also be opened when using the pen to further increase overall length, and allowing it to better rest in the hand.
The Signature II is now referred to as the Signature, since the original model is no longer manufactured.

Signature Lite

A later model, the Signature Lite replaces the tweezers in the Signature with a small white LED light.
Note: In the original version the light was red - The white light is significantly brighter than the red light.

The light is activated by pressing and holding the Victorinox shield in the scales, which acts as a momentary switch.
In 2008 Victorinox introduced the Signature Lite with the new clear translucent Silver-tech scales. These scales featured the new white LED light.

Signature Laser

Very similar to the Signature Lite, with the LED light being replaced with a red laser. The laser variation was introduced in 2007.
It is no longer manufactured.


In 2020 the Black Onyx version of the Signature Lite was released . This variation has black scales; black toothpick and tweezers; and metal tools treated with a polispectral black coating. This model also replaced the nail-file in the standard model with a 58mm ruler.
A Spartan and Ranger 55 were also released as part of the Black Onyx set.


  • 0.6225: Signature: Red scales   (54091)
  • 0.6226: Signature Lite: Red scales   (54191)
  • 0.6226.31P: Signature Lite: Onyx Black with PS tools
  • 4.6227.T: Signature Laser: Translucent ruby-red scales   (59590)

US Model Numbers in brackets

US Model Numbers:

  • 54092: Blue scales
  • 54093: Black scales
  • 54094: Hunter green scales
  • 54095: Rust scales
  • 54100: Lemon yellow scales
  • 54101: Translucent ruby scales
  • 54104: Translucent emerald-green scales
  • 54105: Translucent sapphire-blue scales
  • 54106: Translucent onyx scales
  • 54108: Translucent yellow/lemon (citrine) scales

Signature-Lites - All with white light:

  • 53186:; Red scales
  • 53187: Translucent ruby-red scales
  • 53188: Translucent sapphire-blue scales
  • 54752: Silver-tech scales

Related Models

  • Classic - Same main tools as the Signature, but has a toothpick instead of the pen
  • Manager - Has a pen and tweezers like the Signature, but adds the 58mm combi tool to the main tools - ie the Rambler main toolset
  • Stylus - Replaces the pen with a plastic stylus to be used on touchscreen devices like PDAs
  • Secure - Adds an encryption enabled USB storage device

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