Sentinel 0.8413M3 The Sentinel and Sentinel Plus are Victorinox 111mm Liner Lock knives introduced in 2008. These models feature only a single large blade and come standard with black scratch resistant nylon scales. Although it only contains a single tool, it comes in several different variations.

The Sentinel Plus featured a plain-edged (straight) blade and added a Phillips screwdriver to the back side.
The Sentinel Plus is retired as of 2017.


OHO Sentinel Clip. Pictures by victor7000.
Sentinel Clip
Sentinel Clip
Black-Oxide Sentinel
Black-Oxide Sentinel
Black-Oxide Sentinel
Black-Oxide Sentinel
Sentinel 125 Years
Sentinel 125 Years
Different Sentinel variations
Different Sentinel variations

Back Layer Tools

Blade only, however the Sentinel Plus had a:

And one  variation of the Sentinel had a:

Non-Blade Tools


Standard black synthetic scales


  1. Available with a straight plain-edged blade.
  2. The Sentinel Clip model features a one-hand opening blade and a pocket clip on the reverse scale.
  3. The One Handed Opening version was also introduced in 2008 and is available with either a plain-edge or the combo-serrated blade.
  4. The Black-Oxide Sentinel Clip (0.8416.M3) was first introduced in the special limited edition Victorinox Military Collector's Set 2010. This All Black / Blackout version features black-oxide coated blade, liners, spring, keyring, and clip with black Nylon scales. The blade is one-hand opening with a plain-edge and a standard v-grind. Knives that were produced as part of the collection are numbered. A limited number of knives produced for sale in Europe outside of the collection are not numbered.
  5. In 2009 Sentinel 125 Years was introduced as a part of big special series 125 Years Your Companion for Life. Seems this model was released in US market only (need to verify). This model contains OH plain blade with special print on it and a pocket clip on the reverse scale.
  6. In 2011 the Sentinel was released with the new red dual-density scales. This configuration also featured a corkscrew on the back, but was, somewhat confusingly, still known as a Sentinel, which had always been a blade only model. - This configuration is now known as an Alpineer.
    Errata in 2011 catalogs: Some versions of the catalogs show a picture of this model (red scales), but the description states that the scales are black Nylon !


First introduced in 2008. In 2009 models featuring a pocket clip were introduced.
In 2017 the Plus model was retired, and corkscrew model was renamed to be an Alpineer.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 111mm
  • Width: 12.25mm
  • Weight: 77.5g (w/Pocket clip, non plus)


  • 54882 US Model: Plain-edge locking, pocket-clip (introduced in 2009)
  • 54885 US Model: One Handed Plain-edge locking, pocket-clip (introduced in 2009)
  • 54886 US Model / 0.8416.MW3: One Handed Serrated edge locking, pocket-clip (introduced in 2009)
  • 54892 US Model / 0.8413.3: Regular Sentinel, plain-edge locking
  • 54890 US Model: One Handed Serrated blade version
  • 54895 US Model / 0.8413.M3: One Handed Non Serrated version
  • 54894 US Model: Sentinel Plus, Plain-edge locking, adds a Phillips screwdriver to the back side
  • 55885 US Model: Sentinel 125 Years, Limited edition with OH plain blade and pocket clip.
  • 0.8416.M3 Victorinox AN: Sentinel with Clip — All Black, featuring black-oxide coated blade, liners, spring, keyring, and clip.
  • 0.8321.MWC Victorinox AN: Sentinel w/corkscrew featuring one-handed partially serrated blade with red dual-density scales - Known as Alpineer from 2017

Related Knives 

  • Centurion - 2 layer liner lock, adds opener layer, with reamer and Phillips on the back
  • Solo - 108mm single blade knife
  • Alox Solo - 93mm single blade knife
  • Alpineer - Single blade with slide lock, and corkscrew
  • Cowboy - Single blade with slide lock, and Phillips

Victorinox 111mm liner-lock model comparison

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