Victorinox Secretary. Pictures by ColoSwiss. The Secretary is an 84mm smooth Alox handled Swiss Army Knife from Victorinox.
It is one of the most minimal of the Victorinox knives, as it has only a single layer of tools.

Layer Tools

Scale variations
Scale variations


Usually silver Alox scales.
There is also an earlier, discontinued, and now less common red Alox model.
Other colours have been available.


The smooth red alox version was variously sold as: Secretary, Pocket Pal, Ami, Handy Boy, Buddy.


The Red Alox model (0.6900.10) was produced until 1999, and was also available with a keyring (model 0.6901.10). This model has a long history so earlier models can sometimes be identified by the tang-stamp on the main blade, scales, or tool differences.
A 'Victoria' model with the crossbow tang stamp on the reverse side is known to exist.
Also known in the US earlier as the Buddy.
Since 2017, this model (0.6901.16) with KR is available as "Excelsior"

Physical Specifications

Blue Scaled Secretary
Blue Scaled Secretary
  • Length: 84mm
  • Width: 5.55mm
  • Weight: 21.8g


  • 53299 US Model: Red Alox, no keyringAlso Known as the Buddy
  • 54289 US Model: Silver Alox, no keyring
  • 0.6900.10 Red Alox
  • 0.6900.16 Silver Alox, no keyring
  • 0.6901.16 Silver Alox, with keyring

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