The mini-screwdriver was introduced in 1983.
It is quite an ingenious tool, due to the way it is designed to be twisted into the corkscrew, enabling it to be added to any Swiss Army Knife with that tool. The screwdriver's small, 1.5mm width is suitable for eyeglass screws and other similar small screws.
This tool is standard on most models with the 'Plus' style scales. It can also be purchased separately, to add to any model with a corkscrew, or simply to replace a lost tool.
It can also be fitted into some, not all, of the Wenger corkscrews.

  • Weight: 0.67g


There were at least seven minor evolutions of the mini-screwdriver - From left to right, oldest to newest

  1. Cylindrical body with 'Pat.'; straight bevel
  2. Cylindrical body with 'Pat.'; two faces bevel
  3. Cylindrical body without 'Pat.'; straight bevel
  4. Cylindrical body without 'Pat.'; two faces bevel
  5. Hexagonal body without 'Pat.'; two faces bevel; shorter shaft
  6. Hexagonal body without 'Pat.'; two faces bevel; shorter shaft; white body (see below)
  7. Hexagonal body without 'Pat.'; two faces bevel; shorter shaft; logo stamped in body (not in the picture)

All screwdrivers had a flat/slot head, until the new versions that were issued in 2021 - see below


  • Usually grey, the mini screwdriver supplied with the 2018 White Christmas Sportsman from the Christmas Series had a white body.
  • In 2021, Victorinox introduced a set of four new mini-screwdrivers with different colors and functions, available to purchase in a set of four. They feature the Victorinox logo stamped on the body. Colours/Functions:
    • Grey - Flat head
    • Green - Phillips #000
    • Blue - Torx 4
    • Red - SIM card removal tool
  • Whilst not a mini-screwdriver - Victorinox released another ingenious tool for insertion into the corkscrew. This was a fire-starter set known as the Mini Tool FireAnt Set. It comprised three mini-firesteels with glow-in-the-dark handles, together with six pieces of waterproof tinder.

See also: Wenger Micro-Screwdriver

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