Victorinox Scientist The Scientist is 2 layer Victorinox model that includes the combo opener tool as well as the magnifying glass.

This model is highly prized by collectors; even though it is not particularly old, it was not produced in large numbers and is fairly rare.

Discontinued and relatively rare.

Layer Tools

'Swissbianco' Scientist - See Variations
'Swissbianco' Scientist - See Variations

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Red Plus model Cellidor scales.


  1. Early copies of the Scientist did not contain the straight-pin.
  2. In spring 2009, Victorinox in partnertship with Swissbianco produced a small run of Scientists with the new magnifier/Phillips layer, transparent ruby plus scales, and the mini-screwdriver in the corkscrew with the new hexegonal shaped handle.


The Scientist was produced between 1986 and 1999 according to Victorinox.

Through inspection of these knives over a few years, it has been suggested that it is very likely all the original Scientist models were produced with the earlier grooved corkscrew. However, based on dates from Victorinox, groove corkscrew produced until 1994, it appears that a fair number of original Scientists would have the solid corkscrew. However no production information on this specific model is available to determine the real availability of each manufacturing iteration. It has now been confirmed from multiple sources that original Scientist models do exist with the non-fluted corkscrew.

This tool combination is quite popular with collectors and this is a model is a popular one for knife makers or modders to built from parts or to be built by modifying existing knives.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 15mm
  • Weight: 63.2g


  • 1.6305 Victorinox AN: Known to have been made in the basic colors Red, Black and White.

Related Knives

  • Passenger - 3 layers, small blade replaces combo-tool, regular can-opener/screwdriver, cap-lifter/screwdriver, and reamer.
  • Yeoman - 3 layers, adds scissors and hook.
  • Compact - 2 layers, scissors and hook layer replaces magnifying glass and Phillips screwdriver.
  • Explorer - 4 layers, small blade replaces combo-tool, regular can-opener/screwdriver, cap-lifter/screwdriver, reamer, and scissors.

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