First added to the lineup in 1902 on some Officer's knives. The Victorinox Wood saw is a very popular tool that has proven very effective not only with wood, but with other softer materials as well. The saw is reported to have a hardness rating of RC 53, but it is not known if this specification is still current or if it applies to all versions.


The 84mm woodsaw only appears on a few models.Photo: A virgin Woodsaw on a MFVP model. Note the metal leafs on the edges, this is common on a new saw, after 1 or two uses they will all be gone and the edges will look clean. Woodsaw Blade Comparison


The 91mm size tool typically does not have nail nicks since the tool tip extends slightly allowing for easy opening. Older vintage models of the wood saw have a nail nick on the very end of the tool. This is the Victorinox wood saw. There is no nail nick on modern saws since the tip of the saw protrudes slightly to allow for easy opening. Older vintage saws do have nail nicks usually right at the tip edge.


These images show that there have been at least two variations to the sawtooth design. Woodsaw Blade Comparison
Woodsaw Blade Comparison


The 108mm Wood saw not only has the reputation as being one of the best for cutting wood, it also contain a unique Combo Tool integrated into its tip. The tool that can be used as a Bottle Opener, Can Opener or Screwdriver. A later version of the tool appeared on the knife commonly referred to as the GAK-2, which added a ))Nail-File((/))Match-Strike(( tool to the side of the blade. This easily makes the 108mm wood saw the most versatile version of the wood saw. The 108mm saw often has a removable blade-guard. This is a very good feature for this model, since the combo tool on the tip would in theory be used more frequently and the guard makes the tool much safer in this usage. In earlier Catalogs this tool is referred to as the Utility Tool. This is the 108mm Safari Hunter Combo Tool and Wood Saw.
GAK 2 Woodsaw & Combo Tool


The 111mm size Wood saw has a longer effective length of working saw edge than the 108mm tool as shown here in this comparison photo. The tip protrudes a little at the end so the tool can be opened. Here is a comparison shot of the Wood Saw on a 111mm Fireman and the Wood Saw on a 108mm Safari Hunter. Similar size but the Safari tool has a combo tool on the end and it reduces the effective sawing length of the tool.


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Wenger 85mm Woodsaw


Wenger NewRanger Woodsaw

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