SwissRoller Modified The Wenger RollerBlade is a sports themed specific knife with specialty tools for the Rollerblade enthusiast. These were recently discontinued. They are rather common and can be bought for a relatively low price at many knife shops across the internet. It is also sometimes known as a Modified Swiss Roller.

Discontinued model.

Layer Tools

  1. 2.5" Knife Blade
  2. Combo Tool = Large Screwdriver - Bottle Opener - Can Opener
  3. Detachable Curved Tool = 4mm Male Hex Wrench on one end and a Phillips Screwdriver on the other end
  4. 4mm Male Hex Wrench

Back Layer Tools

  1. Tool Holder - can also be used as a bearing punch

Scale Tools

  • None


Standard Red Synthetic Scales with a screen printed Rollerblade figure on it.


  • 17928 Wenger NA

Related Models 

  • Swiss Roller - another Wenger knife for the Roller Blade enthusiast
  • Shredder - another Wenger knife made for Snowboarders
  • Skier- Wenger knife made for Skiers
  • Wenger Footballer 32 - another Wenger sports theme knife made for the Soccer enthusiast
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