Image Richartz is a German manufacturer of fine quality pocket knives, multitools, OPT's, manicure instruments and related cutlery.
Maple Picknick 3 and Ultima Picknick 5
Maple Picknick 3 and Ultima Picknick 5


General Company Information

"To be successful in the market place we have to be innovative today, innovative in regard to design and function.

For that reason Richartz in Solingen develops striking new and attractive pocket knives and innovative functions. Consumers around the world are fully convinced of the convenient Picnic system (knife and fork combined in a knife!) and the unique Box knife with a four-piece mini screwdriver set and room for small everyday items."


"Preserve tradition, create innovations.

We at RICHARTZ feel committed to tradition and know how significant innovative ideas are. This philosophy is mirrored in the quality, function and aestheticism of our products.

As one of the leading European manufacturers of pocket knives, located in the center of the German cutlery industry in Solingen, RICHARTZ looks back on 100 years of expertise and experience. We have placed the highest demands on our products and evolved a brand that is able to captivate national and international experts when important design awards are being presented."

Around 2014 (?) Richartz dropped their well-known line of picnic/hobo knives and transferred other production from Germany to China. The models made in China were branded with the RICARDO (designed by Richartz) name. The Ricardo knives and multitools do not have the Solingen stamp or whale logo on the main blade because they are not made with Solingen steel in Germany.
There are Ricardo and Richartz knives and multitools that look exactly the same. However Richartz models are made in Solingen, Germany and have the RICHARTZ stamp and the whale logo, Ricardo models are made in China and don't have the Solingen stamp on the blade or the whale logo.

Solingen Regulations

Document detailing which manufacturers can use the 'Solingen' branding .... click to download.

Logo and Stamps

Richartz logoRichartz stamp frontRichartz stamp backRicardo stamp frontRicardo stamp back
Richartz logo Richartz-stamp-1.jpg Richartz-stamp-2.jpg Ricardo-stamp-1.jpg Ricardo-stamp-2.jpg



NameModelSize (closed)Image (closed)Image (open)
RicardoCLIP 89 mm Ricardo-CLIP-1.jpg Ricardo-CLIP-2.jpg
RichartzLEO 200114 mm Richartz-LEO-200-1.jpg Richartz-LEO-200-2.jpg
RichartzLEO 200 titan114 mm Richartz-LEO-200-titan-1.jpg Richartz-LEO-200-titan-2.jpg
RichartzMAGNUM 1110 mm Richartz-MAGNUM1-1.jpg Richartz-MAGNUM1-2.jpg
RichartzMAGNUM 1 carbon110 mm Richartz-MAGNUM-1-carbon-1.jpg Richartz-MAGNUM-1-carbon-2.jpg
RicardoMAGNUM 1110 mm Ricardo-MAGNUM1-1.jpg Ricardo-MAGNUM1-2.jpg
RicardoMAGNUM 8110 mm Ricardo-MAGNUM8-1.jpg Ricardo-MAGNUM8-2.jpg
RichartzOPTIMA maxi 390 mm Richartz-OPTIMA-maxi3-1.jpg Richartz-OPTIMA-maxi3-2.jpg
RichartzPARTNER gelb119 mm Richartz-PARTNER-gelb-1.jpg Richartz-PARTNER-gelb-2.jpg
RicardoSTEEL DESIGN maxi 589 mm Ricardo-STEEL-DESIGN-maxi5-1.jpg Ricardo-STEEL-DESIGN-maxi5-2.jpg
RicardoSTEEL DESIGN maxi 789 mm Ricardo-STEEL-DESIGN-maxi7-1.jpg Ricardo-STEEL-DESIGN-maxi7-2.jpg
RichartzSTRUKTURA classic maxi 590 mm Richartz-STRUKTURA-classic-maxi5-1.jpg Richartz-STRUKTURA-classic-maxi5-2.jpg
RichartzSTRUKTURA classic maxi 790 mm Richartz-STRUKTURA-classic-maxi7-1.jpg Richartz-STRUKTURA-classic-maxi7-2.jpg
RichartzSTRUKTURA maxi 590 mm Richartz-ULTIMA-maxi5-1.jpg Richartz-ULTIMA-maxi5-2.jpg
RichartzSTRUKTURA maxi 790 mm Richartz-ULTIMA-maxi7-1.jpg Richartz-ULTIMA-maxi7-2.jpg
RichartzSTRUKTURA mini 3 58 mm Richartz-STRUKTURA-mini-3-1.jpg Richartz-STRUKTURA-mini-3-2.jpg
RichartzSTRUKTURA mini 3 Swarovski Crystal58 mm Richartz-Struktura-mini3-1.jpg Richartz-Struktura-mini3-2.jpg
RichartzSTRUKTURA NOVA maxi 498 mm Richartz-STRUKTURA-NOVA-maxi4-1.jpg Richartz-STRUKTURA-NOVA-maxi4-2.jpg
Richartz???90 mm Richartz-xxx-1.jpg Richartz-xxx-2.jpg
Richartz???54 mm Richartz-yyy-1.jpg Richartz-yyy-2.jpg


NameModelSize (closed)Image (closed)Image (open)
RichartzOPTIMA classic tool black103 mm Richartz-OPTIMA-classic-tool-black-1.jpg Richartz-OPTIMA-classic-tool-black-2.jpg
RicardoSTEEL DESIGN magnum 898 mm Ricardo-STEEL-DESIGN-MAGNUM8-1.jpg Ricardo-STEEL-DESIGN-MAGNUM8-2.jpg
RichartzSTEEL DESIGN magnum 898 mm Richartz-STEEL-DESIGN-MAGNUM8-1.jpg Richartz-STEEL-DESIGN-MAGNUM8-2.jpg
RicardoVENTURA mini 558 mm Ricardo-VENTURA-mini5-1.jpg Ricardo-VENTURA-mini5-2.jpg
RicardoVENTURA maxi 475 mm Ricardo-VENTURA-max4-1.jpg Ricardo-VENTURA-max4-2.jpg
RicardoVENTURA maxi 775 mm Ricardo-VENTURA-max7-1.jpg Ricardo-VENTURA-max7-2.jpg


NameModelSize (closed)Image (closed)Image (open)
Richartzkarl32 x 52 mm Richartz-karl-1.jpg Richartz-karl-2.jpg
RichartzKEY TOOL cut68 x 28 mm Richartz-KEY-TOOL-cut-1.jpg Richartz-KEY-TOOL-cut-2.jpg
RichartzKEY TOOL PLUS snack60 x 23 mm Richartz-KEY-TOOL-PLUS-snack-1.jpg Richartz-KEY-TOOL-PLUS-snack-2.jpg
RichartzN3WTOOL snack68 x 14 mm Richartz-N3WTOOL-snack-1.jpg Richartz-N3WTOOL-snack-2.jpg
RichartzPOCKET CARD L 23+80 x 49 mm Richartz-POCKET-CARD-L23-1.jpg Richartz-POCKET-CARD-L23-2.jpg
RichartzPOCKET CARD M 19+52 x 32 mm Richartz-POCKET-CARD-M19-1.jpg Richartz-POCKET-CARD-M19-2.jpg


NameModelSize (closed)Image (closed)Image (open)
RicardoCAR CARD52 x 100 mm Ricardo-CAR-CARD-1.jpg Ricardo-CAR-CARD-2.jpg
RicardoLEO picknick91 mm RICARDO-LEO-picknick-1.jpg RICARDO-LEO-picknick-2.jpg
RicardoMULTI TEC51 x 79 mm Ricardo-MULTI-TEC-1.jpg Ricardo-MULTI-TEC-2.jpg
RicardoTRAVELLER90 x 130 mm Ricardo-TRAVELLER-1.jpg Ricardo-TRAVELLER-2.jpg
RichartzSTRUKTURA Vinum110 mm Richartz-STRUKTURA-Vinum-1.jpg Richartz-STRUKTURA-Vinum-2.jpg
RichartzSTRUKTURA Vinum Swarovski Crystal110 mm Richartz-Struktura-Vinum-1.jpg Richartz-Struktura-Vinum-2.jpg

Contact Information

Richartz GmbH

Merscheider Straße 94
42699 Solingen-Ohligs

Telephone +49 (0) 212-23 23 1-0

Telefax +49 (0) 212-23 23 1-99


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