Victorinox Recruit. Pictures by ColoSwiss. The Victorinox Recruit is an 84mm model with no back-side tools, which is not typical for a Cellidor scaled knife.

The Recruit was initially constructed with only three rivets, whereas most models have four. This characteristic is due to the fact that there are no backside tools, making the extra rivet not required. However, recently Victorinox have standardised on four rivets - even for no-back-tool models.

Layer Tools

Recruit; Ecoline or Economy Recruit (also sold as Picnic); White nylon Recruit
Recruit; Ecoline or Economy Recruit (also sold as Picnic); White nylon Recruit
Recruit with a small clip-point blade.
Early Economy Version with a Small Clip-point Blade
Serrated blade close up
Serrated Blade
Recruit without T&T
Recruit without T&T

Scale Tools


Red Cellidor scales are standard. Other colours have also been available.
A model with nylon scratch resistant scales is available, but not as common.


  1. The Recruit II (in North America) or Eco Recruit (outside of North America) has Nylon scales. In Canada the Nylon scaled version is known as the Driver.
  2. An interesting variation is a model with a fully serrated main blade.
  3. A version was a member of the Canada Series and featured a large SCOUTER metal inlay on the top scale. No tweezers, or keyring, and Economy is usually stamped on the reverse tang of the main blade.
  4. The Inline-Skater ToolSet was a special edition Recruit with custom black scales embossed with skater images; supplied with a matching pouch; and a separate skate adjustment tool.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 84mm
  • Width: 13.9mm
  • Weight: 48.4g: Nylon scaled model: 47.8g


  • 0.2503: Standard red scaled Recruit - With toothpick and tweezers (53241)
  • 2.2500: Economy Recruit - no keyring
  • 2.2501: Economy Recruit; keyring; no toothpick and tweezers; standard red scales (also known as the Engineer - US)
  • 2.2503: Recruit II / Ecomomy Recruit - Nylon scales
  • 2.1012: Inline-Skater Toolset special edition

US model number: (also in brackets above)

  • 53243: Black Cellidor scales

Related Models

  • Tourist - Adds the reamer and corkscrew
  • Tinker 84mm - Adds the reamer and Phillips driver
  • Cadet II - Alox handles replace the Cellidor scales; no toothpick or tweezers
  • Cadet - Replaces the small blade with nail-file; Alox scales replace Cellidor; no toothpick or tweezers
  • Spartan - A larger 91mm model; adds the reamer and corkscrew
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