Victorinox Rally The Rally is a 58mm Victorinox Swiss Army Knife that is very similar to the Classic, but replacing the scissors with the Cap-lifter combo-tool.

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Nokia Rally
Nokia Rally

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This knife comes with Cellidor scales, and is available in red and black and translucent green (emerald).


  • The Talisman is a variation of the Rally in which the retractable pen replaces the toothpick. It was only available as a promotional knife.
  • Nokia Rally is a special Rally like model, but with a T6 torx bit on the tip of the combo tool. Made exclusively for Nokia, the torx bit fits the screws on most Nokia cell phones.


The Rally was first introduced in 1995.


  • 0.6163: Standard red scales
  • 0.6163.03: Black scales

Related Models

  • Classic - Scissors replace the cap-lifter
  • Rambler - Add scissors
  • Rover - Nearly identical, but with a flat-head screwdriver at the tip of the cap lifter
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