Wenger Premier The Wenger Premier is a very, very interesting model. It has Wenger branding, but was built by Victorinox using a Victorinox 84mm frame and using Victorinox tools. This model is basically a Victorinox Bantam  with a Wenger logo printed on the scales, and a Wenger stamp on the obverse tang of the blade.
The unique heritage of this model makes it very interesting to collectors.


Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools


Scale Tools


Red Cellidor



This model was part of a Wenger Swiss Gear packing/promotion that combined the knife with a wallet, and was available in 2009. In the US this special combination was found in Target and Sears stores.
The item was also available in a blister package - which was one of the first sources for a model name for the knife. Later this item was also sold individually in a black box with an image of the knife.
The knife was also available in Germany.
How this unusual situation came about is open to some discussion. One theory is that Wenger announced the promotional package - But then did not have the capacity to produce the knife in the production plant - See the Swiss Army Knights article below for more information.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 84mm
  • Width: mm
  • Weight: g


  • 6.54.01 Wenger AN - red scales
  • 16904 N.A. Model Number: Red scales Note: This model number has turned up on more than 1 knife, it may be part of a special SKU.

Related Knives 


  • Bantam - Victorinox equivalent model with the same tool set - and the same actual tools !

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