Pocket Pal 58mm

Rare 58mm Red Alox Pocket Pal The 58mm Pocket Pal is an older Victorinox model that is fairly rare. It has a single-layer design and Alox handles and is extremely slim. This model is essentially an Alox scaled version of the Cellidor Princess.

Name Disambiguation:
This model should not be confused with the larger, more common 84mm Pocket Pal.


Layer Tools


Red alox scales. Other colors exist, usually with a company logo.


The same knife was available without the keyring, but it is not known if it had a different model name.


The 58mm Pocket Pal is believe to have been produced for a limited time in the 1960s. First release and discontinued year is not known.
It was manufactured at one time with the Victoria/Crossbow tang stamp in a no keyring version, featuring the earlier nail file with the cleaner-tip tool.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 58mm
  • Width: 4.38mm; Vintage Victoria no-keyring version: 4.18mm
  • Weight: 11.175g; Vintage Victoria no-keyring version: 10.79g

Related Models

  • Princess - Same tools; but with Cellidor scales
  • Escort - Same tools; SD tip on file; Cellidor scales
  • Companion - Adds the scissors
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