Pocket Pal 58mm

Rare 58mm Red Alox Pocket Pal The 58mm Pocket Pal is an older Victorinox model that is fairly rare.
However, a similar model was probably the first in the Victorinox 58mm family - See History.

The Pocket Pal has a single-layer design and Alox handles and is extremely slim. It is essentially an Alox scaled version of the Cellidor Princess.

Name Disambiguation:
This model should not be confused with the larger, more common 84mm Pocket Pal.


Model: 620 CP- Imitation MoP
Model: 620 CP- Imitation MoP

Layer Tools


Red alox scales. Other colors exist, usually with a company logo.


An equivalent model to the Pocket Pal was probably the first model in the Victorinox 58mm family and most likely came into being in the early 1940s - See page 32 of the 1942 catalogue. It had an exposed rivet construction, an older cross-cut nail file, a Victoria/Crossbow tang stamp, and no keyring. At that time it was known as a model 620, possibly with a suffix depending upon scale options; various scale options were available, such as imitation mother-of-pearl (MoP).

Based on historical catalogues the 58mm Pocket Pal was produced in the '60s and '70s. It was succeeded/replaced by the Princess model.

Physical Specifications

Pocket Pal without a Keyring
Pocket Pal without a Keyring
  • Length: 58mm
  • Width: 4.38mm; Vintage Victoria no-keyring version: 4.18mm
  • Weight: 11.175g; Vintage Victoria no-keyring version: 10.79g


  • 620: Historical model number - Suffix depending upon scale type - eg:
    • eg Cr: Red celluloid; Ar: Red Alox; CP: Imitation MoP; S: Stainless steel;

Related Models

  • Princess - Same tools; but with Cellidor scales
  • Escort - Later model; similar tools, but with an SD tip on the nail-file; Cellidor scales
  • Companion - Adds the scissors
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