Victorinox Picnicker 111mm. Picture by victor7000. The Picnicker (the name printed by Victorinox as Picknicker) is a two-layer Victorinox liner-locking model, that is the 111mm version of the 91mm Spartan.

The original version of this model (prior to 2017) was slide-locking - see History, and according to Victorinox, was one of the most popular models in the slide-lock series.

Name Disambiguation: There is also a smaller 91mm Picnicker model.

Layer Tools

Slide-lock version with a 'wavy' blade
Slide-lock version with a 'wavy' blade

The blade in the original version was slide-locking

Back Layer Tools

The awl has a sewing-eye in the original version

Scale Tools


Standard red or black scratch resistant Nylon scales.


From 2017, Victorinox only produced liner-locking 111mm models, however the liner-locking Nomad, which had an equivalent toolset to the Picnicker, was removed from the catalogue and the Picnicker remained, but as a liner-locking model. So, in practice the Nomad was renamed to become the Picnicker, and the original version of the Picnicker was retired! Prior to 2017 both models had been available for several years.

Variations / Models

Liner-lock version, all straight-edged blade

  • Red, or black scales
  • The Garant is a custom model built for the German Hoffman company.
  • In 2022 Victorinox released the 'Special Picknicker' Damascus Limited Edition with an added cheese-blade, but without the toothpick and tweezers.

Slide-lock versions, both red scales - Now retired

  • Straight-edged blade
  • ¾ serrated-edged blade - which Victorinox refers to as wavy

Physical Specifications

The Damascus Special Picknicker
The Damascus Special Picknicker
  • Length: 111mm
  • Height: 31mm (max)
  • Width: Liner-lock: 16mm; Slide-lock: 15.6mm
  • Weight: Liner-lock: 105g; Slide-lock: 80g


  • 0.8353: Liner-locking red scales
  • 0.8353.3: Liner-locking black scales
  • 0.8853: Slide-locking, straight-edged blade; red scales
  • 0.8853.W: Slide-locking, serrated/wavy-edged blade; red scales (US Model Number - 53652)
  • 0.8301.J22: Special Picknicker Damast Limited Edition 2022

Related Models

  • Nomad - The original liner-lock version of this model
  • Alpineer - Single plain blade; no cap-lifter, can-opener or reamer
  • Adventurer - Plain knife blade; replaces the corkscrew with a Phillips screwdriver
  • Rucksack - Adds a wood saw
  • Kasemesser/Cheese Knife - A cheese-blade replaces the opener layer

Victorinox 111mm slide-lock model comparison – original versions
Victorinox 111mm liner-lock model comparison – original versions

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