Parachute Knife

Parachute Knife - marketing image. Image credit EMZ Announced in 2018, the Parachute Knife is a special order 111mm Victorinox Swiss Army Knife with only a single tool layer, designed for use as an emergency knife for military parachutists or first responders.

The design is unusual as the single main blade opens on the thick end of the handle. This is because the blade is the same as the one found on the Hunter XT, Hunter XS and Dual Pro knives, where it is the secondary emergency blade.

An unconventional blade deployment method is shown, whereby a short cord tied to your person and then to the OHO hole of the blade, can be used to deploy the blade in an emergency situation.

Layer Tools

  • Emergency blade - Serrated flat-grind with safety tip, liner-locking and OHO

Being a single layer with only a single blade, this is a very thin SAK, as can be seen in this image.

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools

Original marketing image (above) show the knife with nylon scales and tweezers/toothpick. However, production examples have dual-density scales that don't include the tweezers and toothpick.


Green nylon scales shown in original marketing images, however production examples have green and black dual-density scales as found on the Soldier 2008. As a special-order SAK, different colored scales can be ordered, including military or other insignia.

The Indonesian Army Special Forces SAT81 Paratroopers
The Indonesian Army Special Forces SAT81 Paratroopers


  1. Original marketing image with green nylon scales (image above).
  2. Production samples from Vctorinox shop in 2019 with green US scales and fire emergency stayGlow scales.
  3. Indonesian Army Special Forces SAT81 Paratroopers (image on right).
  4. Unbranded 2020 production release available on Singapore military distributor website with green dual-density scales.
  5. Rescue Knife variation available from US first responder/medical supplier website with black/red dual-density scales and U.S. text printed on one side.


Images of the Parachute Knife first surfaced in 2018, appearing in a Victorinox military/law enforcement brochure. Reported to have been introduced at the Malaysian Army show in 2018, initial minimum order was 500 pieces, according to a Victorinox representative at the Eurosatory exhibition that year. The minimum factory order is apparently reduced to 30 pieces, but this may be without custom scales or printing. A 2018 sample with the Indonesian Army Special Forces SAT81 Paratroopers insignia on green dual-density scales is known, although details of this production order are unknown.

As of 2020, the Parachute Knife is only available to the general public from certain specialized web stores, serving military, police or other first responder needs. Due to this limited availability, the Parachute Knife can be considered a relatively uncommon SAK.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 111mm
  • Width: 12.5mm
  • Weight: 74g


  • Official Victorinox identifier is unknown. Listed as Victorinox Parachutist Knife 3184 by military web store based in Singapore.

Related Models

  • Hunter XS - Two-layer 111mm with same emergency blade as a secondary blade, adds main blade and corkscrew instead of Phillips
  • Hunter XT - Three-layer 111mm with same emergency blade as a secondary blade, adds main blade, wood saw and corkscrew instead of Phillips
  • Dual Pro - Three-layer 111mm with same emergency blade as a secondary blade, adds main blade, opener layer, awl and corkscrew instead of Phillips

Victorinox 111mm Slide Lock Model Comparison

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