The 1970s 91mm Victorinox Outdoorsman preceded the more common Marlboro Outdoorsman configuration.  The knife may have been only distributed in a limited number of markets. The Outdoorsman 'Original' is a 91mm Victorinox knife with five tool layers, very similar to the Ranger. This model is distinguished from the Ranger by its small pruner blade and fully serrated main blade, these blades appear on very few models. This original Outdoorsman, with its unique tool configuration, is no longer very common, and can be quite hard to find.

Discontinued model.

Name Disambiguation: The Outdoorsman name has been attached to many different models over the years. The most well known is a later model unofficially known as the Marlboro Outdoorsman, since most examples of this model were sold through the Marlboro cigarette company's rewards catalog, and are easy to come by.

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Red Cellidor


Produced from roughly the early 1960s to the early 1980s. Earliest versions had shackles and Elinox shields. Later versions sometimes included the Camping Logo inlays in nickel silver and a nickel silver regular Victorinox shield. The camping logo was dropped and some were produced in the mid-1970s with a stainless steel Elinox shield only. The final versions only had the Victorinox stainless steel shield.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 22.6mm
  • Weight: 118g


  • 8236maU - Campingmesser - Model number in original Victorinox code format

US Model Number

  • 5048 - Outdoorsman
  • 11185 - Hoffritz Deluxe Camper

Related Models

  • Ranger - Also five-layers but with a standard plain-edge blade; a small pen-blade replaces the pruner blade; more tools on the back
  • Picnicker - Three layers removing the scissors and metal saw (same blade configuration)

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