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The Long Nail File is a bottom mounted nail file with a small nail cleaner tip.  It is fairly thin and narrow in most cases and is also referred to as the Manicure Blade.  A nail-nick is located near the end of the tool and is accessed through a cut-out in one of the Alox liners next to the tool. When it is folded in the knife, the outward surface of the tool is smooth with the file surface on the underside. It is very easy to not notice this tool when it is folded up into the knife.


The mounting for this tool is more easily broken than for almost any other tool; break offs are not uncommon. On some models the tool is only pinned into the soft Alox liners surrounding it. This tool appears in early 1940s catalog pages; usually for the smaller Gentleman and Ladies series of knives. It has appeared on the 75mm Pocket Pal style Gentleman and Ladies knives. Some knives containing this tool have an early Victoria tang stamp. The 1967 Victorinox catalog shows the long nail-file available on the 91mm Champion and the Huntsman. There must have been knives made into the 1980's with the Long Nail File, as it has appeared on fairly recent 91mm models such as the Compact and Climber. The tool is also found on the earlier original 84mm Golfer, and the older 84mm Small Climber. The tool was included on a small number of 91mm Climber models as late as 2010 (with the newer SWISS MADE tang stamp), but these are likely the last models produced containing the long nail-file using exiting parts inventory.

Knives that have this tool intact, and in good condition, are valued by collectors.

This tool is discontinued.

Victorinox Long Nail File Victorinox Long Nail File

Wide Version
A very uncommon tool is a wide version of the long nail-file that is known to have been included on some 84mm Stainless steel, and Horn scaled, models in the Gentleman and Ladies knives series, as well as some Cellidor models. The wide version of the long nail-file is essentially 2 layers wide and covers the entire back spine of the knife, completely hiding the springs and was given a mirror polish on the luxury models. The tool is very slightly tapered and varies in width from ~5.5mm at the pivot to ~5.35mm just before the final taper for the nail-cleaner tip. This compares to ~2.6mm - ~2.40mm for the narrow version.

This tool is discontinued.

Wide Long-Nailfile on 84mm Stainless Steel knife
Wide Long-Nailfile on 84mm Stainless Steel knife


Wenger has not manufactured this tool for a very long time, and it only appears to have existed on one or more discontinued lines.

From Wenger Vintage 76mm Model

This tool is discontinued.

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